Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bow to the inevitable

I bought two new bow ties yesterday.  Bow ties are cool.  Much cooler than Matt Smith's new Doctor, even though his proclamation to that effect caused an upsurge in sales.

Often a little ahead of the sartorial curve, I had been toying with the idea of wearing bow ties to work for some time now.  About 18 months ago, my friend Lee Hathaway learned how to tie them, and in doing so discovered that they are popular with gynecologists because they don't get in the way.  That was the seed of the idea that maybe I should do the same.  Indeed, maybe everyone who works in IT should do the same.  I often get irritated by my tie trailing on the desk, and needing to push it to one side or under the desk (where it gets wrinkled).

Then came my gig at Madame JoJo's.  I perform there every Saturday, doing magic around the tables before the main show (or shows, when they are running more than one).  They asked me to wear a bow tie, so for weeks and weeks now, I've been donning one of my standard little black ones and doing my magic thang for the general public.

And then came the latest series of Doctor Who, with Matt Smith's spiffing little neck adornment and accompanying declaration.

Since then, I have been commenting that bow ties are the next big thing, having noticed that David Tennant's doctor led the way in recent years to the huge upsurge in popularity currently being enjoyed by Converse baseball boots and shoes of similar style.  Apparently, I've not been alone in saying that, and the link above seems to bear me out.  As does the fact that one of the shops I visited yesterday was sold out of bow ties.

So, I bought a couple, I'm wearing them to work (one yesterday, one today), and I'm curious to see whether they catch on.  Even if they don't, the fact that they are so much less hassle than regular ties is inclining me towards making it a permanent thing.  I like them.