Monday, August 24, 2009


The Bible is a recipe for human misery. And yet in amongst all those dreadful tales, the one that strikes me as the most insidious, the most subversive, the most evil, is one that could seem at first blush to be relatively innocuous, at least compared to some of the stories.

Incidentally, I initially wrote "has always struck me". I changed it, because that was inaccurate. It hasn't always struck me so. There was a time when I thought it was a marvellous, inspiring story, back in those days of long ago when I was studying to be a priest. Oh, how times have changed.

It's the story of Doubting Thomas. The moral of the story is that belief in the absence of any supporting evidence whatsoever is something laudable. Sneaky. But completely evil.

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Tickersoid said...

I was thinking only the othe day that most of the evil which blows no good, in the world, had as it's foundation stone, 'belief in the absence of any supporting evidence whatsoever'
The remaining evil is the work of psychopaths but at least they benefit from it.