Saturday, May 09, 2009

Poor little acai berries!

I've been working behind a big corporate firewall that blocks a lot of sites. I can't get to Facebook, or to gmail, frustratingly. Fortunately, there are usually ways around these things. In this case, I can still log on to the webmail interface provided by my hosting service, completely flouting the rules of the organisation I'm working for, but hey, you can't keep a fellow from his email all day.

Thing is, my email is normally forwarded from my hosting service automatically and deleted, and I then pick it up in gmail. I hadn't realised just how much spam I get which is so obviously spam that gmail doesn't even bother putting it in the spam folder - it just trashes it.

And because of that, I have only now become aware of how much abuse the poor acai berry is getting from spammers. These tasty little buds are great in homemade bread, and they have been touted by lots of folks despite the many studies that challenge or at least weaken the entire antioxidant model of ageing. But will they really lengthen my shaft, prolong my climax, enhance my "holding off" power, and make me live considerably longer, and with a considerably higher quality of life, free from cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and incontinence?

Actually, I suspect if I were regularly having the kind of sex life that these spammers seem to think is the norm, that level of physical exercise on its own would be enough to increase my lifespan and decrease my risk of heart disease, never mind the berries.

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