Monday, September 01, 2008

The O.C.

The last year has been a bit tough on the job front, with a few chunks of time spent on the bench desperately scrabbling around for something new, and mournfully watching as our once-proud savings account started to detumesce. However, I've been gainfully employed for a few weeks
now. The rate isn't great, but it's a decent length of time, and I'm making the most of it by getting experience in an area that I expect will grow over the next few years, and it's never a bad thing to be able to claim lots of experience in something that everyone wants. Also, they promoted me after the first couple of weeks. Yay! No extra money, but it will look great on the CV. I'll make sure it does.

I have worked in the same profession for 16 years, and spent a significant proportion of that time in the offices of large corporations. Consequently, I can say with my hand on my hard that I have a good handle on what counts as normal within such an environment. It also means that when I see abnormal, it stands out like a Christian in a porn shop.

I'm working in Docklands again. I quite like it there. It's an easy commute for me, not especially long, and it's handy for a branch of my gym. Being in Docklands, everything is a bit science fiction, new and shiny, modern and a little bit sinister. Too clean, too perfect, too calm. Much like Singapore, I'm told.

And on the subject of too clean, here's where the abnormal thing happens. It took a few days for me to notice it, but once I had, I can't stop noticing. Every day, at least four times a day, but it could easily be six, someone comes around to dust all the communal cupboard areas. Now, it's true that folks are in the habit of leaving team biscuits on here so that anyone can help themselves. (When I say team biscuits, I don't mean that in a rugby team sense; although the white chocolate chip cookies did make me wonder.)

Keeping the place clean and tidy is one thing, but four to six (or more) times a day? That's just madness. I wonder whether someone on the board of directors has an obsessive compulsive disorder, and has mandated that their obsessive cleanliness should become a way of life for everyone who works here. It truly is bizarre. How much dusting does a corporate stationary cupboard need in a day?


Frobisher said...

Detumesce wasn't even in my Collins Gem dictionary!

Tickersoid said...

Frobi-According to my dictionary, it's what happens to ones willy shortly after the vinegar stroke.

Qenny- How else is one to keep the level of postitnote-fairy droppings in check?

Tickersoid said...

Frobi- or more appropriately, it's what happens to your bank account after the money(s) shot.

Qenny said...

I've never trusted the Collins Gem for the really good words.

I'll bet it doesn't even have a definition of gullible.

And as tickers so rightly points out, once you withdraw you lose interest. At least, I think that was the jist of it.

Tickersoid said...

Tee Hee!

savante said...

Soggy Biscuit the Movie!? :O

Qenny said...

savante: it's amazing what those naughty folks at b3ta get up to.

And where do you find those lovely men for your blog?

Lady Muck said...

I don't know but how much are they paying? That is something I know I have the skills for, being a natural born scrubber.

Qenny said...

lady muck: send me a CV - I'm sure they'd much prefer your glamorous self to be the one wiping their surfaces.