Monday, August 25, 2008

Base Knowledge

If someone were to create an on-line knowledge base for people like Gary Glitter, what would they call it? I mean, wikipedia is already taken ...


Tickersoid said...

Are you suggesting that Wikipedia is puerile?

I only know the meaning of 'puerile' because I looked it up on Wikipedia.

David said...

Well as much as I dislike the oeuvre and legacy of Gary Glitter,
I must own up to be immensely irritated by the lack of logic in
the blanket demonisation of the same. If he hadn't been convicted,
he would be appearing regularly in chart show retrospectives, and
endless cheap-to-make talking head documentaries.

In short he has been written out of history, a la Chinese Cultural

OK, so with Wagner we separate the "art" from the man - which makes
sense. So why not with Garry Glitter? His many fans must still be alive.
Everyone must be suffering fron that horrific "What would other people
think?" syndrome, which was in part what drove the "holocaust".

In the light of his conviction, the Cockney rhyming slang "up the Gary"
makes even less sense!

Qenny said...

tickers: what lovely circularity, although I'm temped to add: puer you! (except that's getting all a bit Latin on your ass).

david: perhaps the separation of man and art can only occur some time later, as in Wagner's case.

David said...

The flaw in this argument is that the separation of art and man was only required in Wagner's case after WWII when the man was long dead.

The widespread adoption of political correctness will, however, test your theory into the future.