Monday, June 30, 2008

Musical Tags

Hello blog. Hang on.

*blow* *rub* *wipe*

Just get rid of the dust a bit. It's been a while. Two whole months have gone past since I last mused in public. There have been lots of instances when I almost wrote something, but clearly none of them pushed me quite so far as to actually put finger to keyboard. But now, thanks to the ever-lovely Mandy Davis, who tagged me with a music-related meme, I'm doing it, really doing it.

So, to the meme. The original instructions for it came from Brian Sibley, and 'twas he who tagged Mandy, and why I got tagged, too. The "to do" thing is:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now.

So here goes. In no particular order.

I Just Wanna Dance (Alison Jiear)

This song has been in and out of my awareness for a while now, and I'm grateful to Nick for mentioning it in a recent post which nudged me into finding out more about it. And even more grateful to him for enabling me to hear several different versions of it. The song comes from Jerry Springer - The Opera. If you haven't heard it before, the name of the show might serve as a warning about the lyrical content. It's always good when we hear a song that accurately expresses something that we have felt ourselves, and this one certainly does that for me. Incidentally, the YouTube clip is a popular dance remix of the song, accompanied by a mixed bag of clips from films. It's very well put together, and delightful to play "spot the movie". Baz Lurman is well-represented, and there's lots of bits of Xanadu, but there's so much more - it's a treasure trove. I must confess that every time I watch this video, I have goosebumps of delight by the end of it. And if you fancy digging around a bit on YouTube, there are also some very funny clips of young queens lip-synching to the song

Cry For You (September)

In looking for this song on YouTube, I learned that it's not called You'll Never See Me Again after all. Always learning. I love it. It has a hypnotic quality that I find really appealing. And I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that lots of straight men like the video.

With Every Heartbeat (Robyn & Kleerup)

I think I saw the video for this a few times at the gym, but didn't know what the song was because although I could see the screen, I was plugged into my MP3 player and my own choice of music. The video always appealed to me, with its St Martin's film student feel, and when I finally heard the song, I immediately liked it. I was especially impressed with a section towards the end when the words "and it hurts with every heartbeat" are repeated several times, but sung in short little bursts of sound, so you can actually hear the hurt. Noice! Different. Unyoosual.

Black and Gold (Sam Sparro)

I can't embed the proper video this one on the page, but I've made the title into a link to the relevant YouTube page. I first saw Sam Sparro on a late night chat show. Probably Jonathan Ross, although it may have been the Friday Night Project. It took a few seconds for me to get hooked, but then the sheer sexiness of the voice got to me. My Lovely Husband™ pointed out that he has a very gay energy, prompting my to do a bit of digging on that there interweb. I came across the usual set of indignant teenage straight girls complaining about all these rumours that their beloved Sam might be a shirtlifing pillow-bighter. And then my Lovely Husband™ brought home a copy of Attitude featuring an interview with the man himself, in which he talks about his boyfriend, who is also his stylist. A few repeat listens had me admiring the lyrical content of the song, and the video is fun, stylish, sexy and shows a nicely restrained element of camp, I think.

Four down. Three to go.

Dragostea Din Tei (O-Zone)

I think I've posted a link to this one on my blog before, but it's worth repeating - and I still listen to it regularly and love it. Funnily enough, when chatting with Nick about I Just Wanna Dance, it came to light that we have both learned the lyrics to the song despite neither of us having any fluency in Romanian. I can't listen to this song and not feel happy, although I have a strong preference for seeing O-Zone perform it rather than the fat bloke who made it popular on YouTube, and renamed it "Numa Numa".

Don't Stop The Music (Rihanna)

This is another one where I can't embed the official video, so the title provides a link to the relevant YouTube page. The embedded video above has the right song, but the wrong video. Catchy. Mind you, most stuff that Rihanna has done is catchy - like that bloody umbrella song. Which I loved despite myself.

About You Now (Sugababes)

This is a great song for dancing to. It reminds me a bit of Avril Lavigne, and of many happy nights dancing my socks off in Popstarz. And of course, some of the remixes are absolutely fabulous.

Is that seven? Yes, it think so. Right. I'm done. But I'll try to get back into writing more frequently, because I do so enjoy it.

And just to be a bit contrary, here is number eight:

The Journey Continues (Mark Brown & Sarah Cracknell)

Thank you, Mandy, for the tagging.