Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not quite dancing in the streets

Earlier this week, I was walking along Oxford Street shortly before 09:00, on my way from the gym to the office. I passed someone lying in a doorway wrapped up in a sleeping bag. I would have said sleeping in a doorway, but I think the person in question was awake, because there was steady, rhythmic movement taking place about half-way down the sleeping bag.

Now he (or possibly she) could just have been rubbing their hands together to keep warm. It really didn't look like that, though. It really did look like he was about to make a Big Issue appear out of nowhere.


Da Nator said...

Keep warm, or warming up for Valentine's Day, perhaps?

Sorry to hear about being let go. Best of luck for finding something good!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Perhaps the person in question was just petting their small dog who was keeping warm in the sleeping bag with them?

Or opening a can of beans with a really old can opener?

Or pumping up a balloon for some really odd reason?

Or were struggling to get free after becoming glued inside the 'bag after previous big issues?


Anyway, good luck on the job front.