Saturday, February 09, 2008

Letting Go

It's now three weeks since I started my new contract, having rushed out to buy a laptop for it, because I was asked at the interview whether I could supply my own.

I've had misgivings since the very first day. There seemed to be a lack of clarity about exactly what I was meant to be doing. I've struggled to get enough information to allow me to be productive. There doesn't seem to be any obvious place for me to go for information. And the people that I could go to are really busy, and so haven't been able to give me a good steer that has allowed me to get under way properly. I've not found it easy to get proper network access, and consequently have been at arms length from some useful intranet-based resources that might have helped. I'm all for being self-motivated and not needing hand-holding, but it does help not to be left completely at sea.

So it didn't come as a great surprise to me yesterday when my project manager took me aside to tell me that they had decided to let me go. The client that I was meant to be working for has put the work on hold, and revealed that he initiated it without actually having the budget to pay for it anyway. The company that I am working through don't have anything else for me to do in the meantime, and they can't afford to have me not doing billable work. So, it's adios.

I've never been "let go" before. I've been made redundant once. That was great - they gave me lots of money. This isn't so good, not least because I have been turning down offers of work for the last few weeks, and had one really interesting offer yesterday morning, before I knew that the decision about my future had been made. I can't find the details of the agent in question, so I can't get in touch with him, annoyingly.

Still, it might mean that I've been busy for a few weeks and making a bit of money, just tiding myself over until a really good contract comes in. I'll tell myself that anyway to ease the affront.

And now - back to trawling JobServe!


Atomised said...

Hope something you want comes up soon Qenny.

Qenny said...

Bless your heart!

As chance would have it, and somewhat unusually, I've been in discussion with a prospective agent over this very weekend with a view to starting a new role. The commute will be a long one, but the role sounds really good.

Tickersoid said...

The cunts!

That is such a piss off.

OK, I could have been more eloquent but it's Saturday night and I'm sauced.

FirstNations said...

they're fools. karma will out, though!
i for one am rooting for karma in the form of a rabid, hairless dog-zombie that leaps through their windsheild and makes a lunch of their pancreas.

XX my darling! i'm sorry I losted you. how did I losted you? by buying a new computer and playing with the shiny buttons. *sigh*

Qenny said...

tickers - I think you've been eloquent, but just in a non-standard way :)

FN: I thought I'd losted everyone yesterday, but it turns out it was just a hitch at BlogRolling. Nice shiny new computer? Mmmm.

Nick said...

That sucks mister I'm sorry. Hopefully something with a huge budget, suited to your talents, and requiring your fancy new laptop will come up soon.

Qenny said...

nick: I doubt they'll want the laptop - most organisations I work for are very protective of alien devices being plugged into their networks, and not without reason. But the market looks reasonable buoyant, and I hope to have happier news to post here in a few days.