Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This product is not available in the shops

High in Andes, in the remote region of Aixud, a small collection of farmers grow the beans that go into the world's finest chocolate. This has been their livelihood for the last two hundred years, and their produce has been bought up entirely by the world's finest chocolatiers, going to make the most exclusive and expensive chocolates in the world, enjoyed by only those small numbers of very wealthy people who can afford them. A secret known only to the super-rich. A privilege.

But now those farmers have decided that the time has come for the rest of the world to enjoy their delicious produce, and so they have created their own chocolate drink, and made it available in quality stores throughout the world.

So, next time someone asks, "Would you like a hot drink?" , you'll know what to say ...

Aixud Cocoa


Qenny said...

It's a lot of setup for a really shit pun, I know!

(I'm relying on the "x" being pronounced somewhere between "ch" and "sh", as in Spanish names like Aranxa. Just in case anyone needed that spelling out.)

Nick said...

I got it but then wasn't sure if it was deliberate or not... it sounds very nice though. I might try and get my mum some Aixud Cocoa for Christmas, she has a sweet tooth. :-)

Qenny said...

I think part of the reason this concept popped into my head was my ongoing puzzlement over the phrase "I should cocoa". It sounds like rhyming slang, but I don't know what it rhymes with, or what needs to be added to the end to make it into something that rhymes.

I should Coco Chanel / think so as well.

I should cocoa drink / think.

I should Coco Peru / think so, too.

Answers on a postcode, only.

Nick said...

Maybe wake me up before you cocoa?