Monday, December 10, 2007

Take the sprain

I spent this weekend learning how to ride a motorbike. I'm doing Direct Access, so if I pass the test (a week tomorrow), I will be legally entitled to ride any motorcycle. Unfortunately, that is looking a little less likely this morning that it did yesterday morning. Or even mid-afternoon yesterday.

On Saturday, I arrived a little late at the place I was being trained. The satnav got me a bit lost, although it's possible that if I had trusted it when it started going a bit funny, things would have worked out alright in the end. I was being trained by a chap called Paul, and my fellow trainee was a chap called Dave. The weather was awful, but we had a good few hours out on the road on little 125cc machines. I even managed to do quite well with the u-turn, which had been a real struggle for me when I did the CBT.

On Sunday, Dave and I had a different trainer, a fellow called Lea. The weather wasn't nearly as bad, the training was really good, and after half on hour on the little bikes, he moved us up on to 500cc machines. God, those things are heavy!

All went well. After a couple of hours on the road, a break for lunch, and a bit more riding, we went to a playground to practice u-turns and slow-riding, prior to trying it out on the road. One of the bikes developed a problem with its clutch, so we were heading back to swap bikes before attempting the u-turn in the road. On that occasion, Dave was leading Lea was in the middle, and I was following. Alas, metres away from the entrance to the school where we had been practising, I lost control at a corner (almost certainly because of a patch of oil on the road, combined with a wee squeeze on the front breaks). The front wheel slipped forward and to the right, sending me toppling to the road, the bike forcing my ankle around at an awkward angle, and pinning my leg for a few very uncomfortable seconds.

Oh, the pain!

I took a few minutes to recover myself, and after a while, Lea returned to find out where I had disappeared to. I hobbled back in to the school where we had been practising u-turns, and decided to sit out the rest of the day (which was only about 45 minutes). Then I got back on the bike, rode back to where my car was parked, and drove home. The ankle wasn't too bad last night, but it became more uncomfortable overnight, so I asked my Lovely Husband™ to drive me in to the local A&E this morning before he went to work. (Bless his little cotton sox, he went back home tidied up the place, and went shopping for me whilst I was busy getting x-rays and waiting around a lot for people to push my wheelchair.)

Fortunately, the ankle isn't broken, and there isn't anything seriously wrong with the knee or the calf (both of which suffered a bit). I got some crutches, and I'm trying to put as much weight on the bad foot as I can, because it seems that the more I try to walk on it, the more I can.

I just hope it's okay for next weekend, otherwise I'll have paid all this money for the bike training, but won't be able to go. That would not be a good thing.


Nick said...

Oh no! It's started... a long list of injuries caused by riding motorcycles and you haven't even passed the test yet!

Qenny said...

Oh, don't say that! My Lovely Husband™ is already worried to bits about my safety. Admittedly, his doubts about the whole biking thing are tempered a little by the additional phwoar factor of the biker look.

Nick said...

Well yes perhaps we need a preview of the biker look to help us all temper our doubts! ;-)

David said...

Best wishes for your speedy recovery!