Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Present

My Christmas present to myself this year is that I can remove from my little motorbike anything that looks like this 'ere picture.

This morning, I sat and passed my motorbike test. Yay!

Only a few days ago it was looking like it wasn't going to happen. Following a fall on Friday (caused by a dickhead pulling out right in front of me quite deliberately - and then driving off after causing an accident), when I got on the bike on Saturday for some training, I only lasted a couple of minutes before realising that my nerve had gone and I just couldn't do it. I threw in the towel. However, on the way home, I decided to go back the next day and try again, but on a smaller bike, with a view to doing the test on a small bike. I felt more comfortable on a 125cc machine, and I thought I might as well give it a go, take advantage of the training I had already paid for, and be in with a chance of passing the test. The down side would be that if I passed on a 125cc machine, I would have two years of being on a restricted licence, limiting the power of the bikes I'm allowed to ride.

Quite frankly, my experience over the last few weeks has taught me that I don't mind being limited on the power front. I'm not yet comfortable on bigger bikes, and I won't be comfortable on them until I've spent quite a bit more time just getting used to general, everyday things to do with riding.

So, on that footage, I did the training on Sunday, and then did an hour or so this morning before heading out of the test centre. You fail if you commit a single major fault, and I was worried that the u-turn would give me a fail. I got through it, though, just. You can also commit up to 14 minor faults and still pass. I committed 7, so it was an okay pass. My steering was a bit wobbly from time to time, and I missed a signal on double-turn (right immediately followed by left), but that was about it.

I am now officially a big, hairy biker. So I'd better cancel my monthly order of Veet.


Tickersoid said...

Well done!

It's now only a matter of time before you get the full thing with out any other outlay.

Discretion is the better part of valor and for you it's paid off.

I'm glad you stuck at it in spite of your set backs.

Time to trade in the Skyjet for a 250cc.

Nick said...

Hooray! Well done you, congratulations! :-)

Don't worry about being limited on power - there's nothing to be gained by going out and getting a honking great big bike except perhaps developing a gait like John Wayne.

Look forward to seeing you zooming around for a coffee soon :-)