Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Many's a true word ...

... spoken in jest. Not ingest. That's eating.

And indeed, many's a true word spoken or sung in lyric form. Sometimes only hinting at a subtext that, from time to time I just yearn to tease out.

I have no idea why today is going to be the day that I do this, but here goes.

Oasis. I was never a big fan. I hear them sing:
There are many things that I would like to say to you, but I don't know how
My brain automatically adds, sotto voce:
because I'm an inarticulate oaf
Call me judgemental. (He used to hang out with Judge Dredd, so he gets to wear that rather sexy uniform. Sexy in a fascist bully-boy sort of way, alas, but sexy nonetheless.) Oh, and feel free to swap "boor" for "oaf" if you'd rather.

Oasis. A pair of walking Klein bottles.


Atomised said...

Liam is a Neantherdal. Noel can be amusing.

Qenny said...

And indeed, in the right context, Neanderthals can be amusing.

Thank you for dropping by - it's lovely to see a new face. Well, name.

Atomised said...

Thanks Qenny. I was your next door neighbour some 20 years ago in Bearsden and a very kind and considerate neighbour you were. Loving the blogs - thanks, take care, and as Moz says "on a clear day you can see Edith Sitwell" or "what kind of man reads Denim Delinquent?"

Qenny said...

Drop me an email, you bugger! (There's a form on my main web site, although the address is pretty easy to work out.)

I think I know who you are, and actually I was hoping to catch up with you this year in Glasgow. I had dinner with TK over the summer, but he couldn't come up with a number for you.