Thursday, October 25, 2007

Left Or Right?

My Lovely Husband™ sent me through a link to an article in an online newspaper based in Perth, Australia. It featured this animated GIF. Click on it to go to the original article if you like. I love it. To most people, the dancer appears to be turning anti-clockwise. To some, she appears to be turning clockwise. And if you go about it the correct way, you should be able to get her to change direction. It took me a while, and it was really frustrating, but I have finally learned how to change her direction at will, and my life feels a little more complete as a result.


What is really bizarre is that this is meant to indicate the relative strength of your left brain vs right brain, and I have found that if I look up and to the left, then look back at the picture, she will be rotating anti-clockwise; if I look up and to the right then look at the picture, she will be rotating clockwise.

Marvellous things, brains.


First Nations said...

am i the only person in the entire world that sees her hopping up and down a couple of inches?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

An more to the point, that strumpet should put some clothes on - she could have someone's eye out!

David said...

I was delighted to find a build-your-own 3D version of this illusion.

The cut-out paper plan is at:

Needless to say her ladyship more often twiddles backwards for me than forwards.

David said...

An for an optical illusion that disturbs even more deeply:

You have been warned! :-)

Tickersoid said...

I saw her rotating clockwise to begin with, I changed her direction by telling myself her outstreached leg is now going behind her vertical leg.

Oh, and nice tits.