Friday, August 10, 2007

Ho Chew Ing

A few nights ago, myself and the Lovely Husband™ were on our way home, a little bit tipsy, but not in a bad way. We were unable to get a seat, so were obliged to stand for most of the journey, as did a youngish (well, maybe early 30s) Chinese* woman. After a while, I noticed that she must have something caught in her teeth, because she was gurning and grimacing, and contorting her face in all manner of amusing ways.

Where I was standing relative to her allowed me to see just enough of her face to have an idea of which way she was screwing it up, but didn't afford her a similar view of me. So I'm rather afraid I took complete advantage of that situation and started mimicking her. After not very long, the Lovely Husband™ cottoned on to what was afoot, and starting laughing. The longer it went on (and it did go on for quite some time), the harder he had to fight to keep from losing it completely. And of course, that only spurred me on. A man at the far end of the carriage also realised what was happening, and he ended up in fits of the giggles, too. He was far enough away from the action that his laughter wouldn't necessarily have raised the suspicions of the target of this comedy effort. If only with we'd filmed it!

I do like making people laugh on trains. I've reduced my brother and sister to tears on busy commuter trains from Glasgow to our home town, simply by staring in a slightly odd manner, or allowing one of my eyes to wander a bit but keeping the other completely still. The number of times they ended up being tutted and scolded made it all worthwhile :)

* This isn't a guess. The Lovely Husband™, having taught English as a foreign language for several years, had an uncanny ability to identify peoples' nationality. I've never known him to be wrong. He said Chinese, I believe him.


david santos said...

Thanks for your work, is very good, and have a good week

Tickersoid said...

David Santos the man with the worlds most popular blog.

You're not a velly rubbery ferrow.

First Nations said...

i would be the perfect foil for these antics. I once started laughing at a funeral-seated in the first row of the family's alcove, mind you- because on of the mourners was hooting and whistling as she cried like a mating elk. not helping matters at all, the Biker kept leaning towards me and going *snuuUUUUURK* in my ear. i had to beg a hankerchief, bury my face in it and pretend I was crying. i ached for a week afterwards

Qenny said...

tickers: I thought that was a bit of an odd one. I would delete it, but then your own comment would seem a bit random.

fn: I think I got over my own funeral-laughing inclination as a result of years as an altar boy. The temptation to giggle was there all the time, especially when something hilarious happened, such as a posh lady in a hat blowing her nose, and then pulling the hanky away to create a spiderman-like string of goo between nose and hanky.

Anonymous said...

Oh ha-ha-ha, lets make fun out of an Chinese woman. Racist.

Qenny said...


There are some real twats out there in cyberspace, innit?

Obviously, I was making fun of her for being a woman, not for being Chinese. Clearly, I'm sexist.

Actually, she was shorter than me by quite a bit, so although I didn't mention that, maybe I'm just heightist.

Or could it possibly be that I mentioned her being Chinese simply that my readers would be better enabled to picture the scene? I mean, I don't believe that there is any cultural or racial stereotype of Chinese people that suggests they are always making faces whilst trying to remove food from inside their mouths, is there?

Sure, I didn't need to mention the fact that she was Chinese, nor that I was on the tube at the time, nor many other of the elements that go to make up a story.

I think people with too much middle class guilt, and barely suppressed racism of their own, are the first to throw stones like this. They would rather pretend that they "don't see colour", rather than accept and celebrate the fact that we all have different background, ethnicity, etc., etc. (Actually, the same people who "don't see colour" are usually the first ones to turn up at any sort of non-white cultural festival, so show just how PC they are.)

To pretend not to see that, to pretend to ignore it, is so patently dishonest and pretentious, it just screams out the existence of some bigger, darker secret being (badly) hidden.

People like that remind me of people who try really hard to give the impression that they're all cool about hanging out with gay people, but as soon as they see a gay couple snogging, their comfort level suddenly drops. (Well, with modifications for whether they are male or female, and the gender of the snogging couple.)

Qenny said...

Oh, and if you're going to make comments like this on other peoples' blogs, be less of a coward about it, and don't do it anonymously. Prick.

Tickersoid said...

Exactly my thoughts qenny. I was going to post to that effect yesterday, but frankly couldn't be arsed.

Qenny said...

I almost couldn't be arsed myself. (There's a first :)

In the end, I thought, fuck this, I'm not letting some anonymous twit make me sound bad.