Friday, May 25, 2007

YourSpace? You can keep it!

MySpace - what a stinking pile of shit.



Tickersoid said...

On the one hand,

MySpace is a modern and popular social networking website offering a user friendly, interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos internationally for ‘now’ people.
Such as;-

Friends who want to talk Online.
Single people who want to meet other Singles.
Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends
Families who want to keep in touch. (map your Family Tree)
Business people and co-workers interested in networking
Classmates and study partners
Anyone looking for long lost friends!

On the other hand,

It's a stinking pile of shit.

Qenny said...

Apparently I don't like it because I'm old. Or I'm not a full time creative professional.

I find it so frustrating to use, the interface so counter-intuitive, and the response time so very poor. It all adds up to a very negative experience.

It seems that those who have time on their hands (the young and/or the professionally artistic) get to be smug because they can afford to waste hours getting to grips with the shonky performance and badly designed interface.


I'm similarly unimpressed with FaceBook and Flikr.

Anonymous said...

I agree one hundred thousand percent, and then some. I had to sign up because one of those 'creative professionals' is a member and I wanted to make sure I got notifications of sales of their work. Bah. Spam-ridden crappy crap crap. I think it reflects badly on those 'creative professionals', but then I'm not their target audience, either.

Nick said...

Yup I agree as well. MySpace is horribly designed, messily laid out, with no discernable structure. Yuck.

Everyone at work is asking "Are you on Facebook?" which appears to be the latest in self-promotion... I keep replying that I'm far too cool for that kind of thing.

Besides, I get enough self-promotion with my arse hanging out the back of a pair of leather chaps on Gaydar, thank you very much.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I haven't had much to do with MySpace, but have grudgingly submitted to FaceBook because of peer pressure.
Now FaceBook is a stinking pile of shit! I fail to see any purpose to it. Surely if one wants to keep in touch with one's friends, one phones tham or sees them?

Anyway, these online profiles take up too much blogging time! I procrastinate enough as it is without having further distractions.

DanProject76 said...

MySpace is horrible to use. It reformats all my html into a big mess and it loves to bring up error pages.

I still use it. I am a whore... and I get a lot of hits for my comedy blog over there.

CyberPete said...

I tend to try something and forget all about it. The same happened with Myspace. Someone reminds me of it, so I log in, send a few comments and leave.

Not a big fan of Myspace. I think it's because all the kool kids love it.

Brian Sibley said...

Can't 'discuss' it, I'm afraid...

It took me so long to become a blogspotter that the thought of now having to go through it all over again in order to become a myspacer or a facebooker is, frankly, too much for an old lady...

Pauly said...

hmm, yes I managed to make a lovely myspace site but it was a pain in the arse and it's all self promotion stuff. I can't be bothered with a face book thingie.

Qenny said...

tickersoid: you do seem to be in something of a minority here by having something good to say about MySpace. Although I'm not sure if you mean it.

fifth floor: I wonder if it's a ploy. We feel like we're left out, not part of the in-crowd, not part of the target demographic. But perhaps that's just a sop to the people who actually run a MySpace thing, a chimeric creation of an "us" and "them" that convinces them the hell of using it is worthwhile. If you fall for the ploy, you'll reduce the cognitive dissonance brought about by trying to justify using such a shit site by convincing yourself that it's worthwhile to be "in".

nick: I'm not sure there could ever be enough promotion of your arse hanging out of leather chaps ;) But I'm delighted to see that a younger fellow such as yourself also finds MySpace a chore. (And you could always show folks that arse in chaps thing, and say "That's My Space right there.")

IDV: I've only brushed the surface of FaceBook (and likewise, Flikr), and I thought I'd never get the smell off my mouse hand.

Dan: I didn't you know you had such a thing as a comedy site. I'd love to read it, but if the price is using MySpace, then the price is just too high.

pete: I got enough of a sense of MySpace when I was writing for Diva to put me off ever trying it properly for my own stuff. So I'm in a similar boat: touched it a little, and decided to leave it well alone.

brian: a wise choice, nonetheless. It's a nightmare, although several of our fellow magicians are embracing it, which has made me feel obliged once or twice to brave the horror that is MySpace.

pauly: a pain in the arse, but presumably not in a good way? :)

DanProject76 said...

My comedy site is just my other blog really: That Mitchell And Webb Log. There's a link at the top of my Blogger Blog... I just combine both blogs into one big MySpace thang.