Saturday, May 05, 2007

Technology Joy

I got some new technology toys yesterday, and one of them in particular has made me a very happy geek. It's a watch. It only cost a tenner, but it looks surprisingly good, and it has a USB connector built into the strap so that it can be used as a flash drive (1GB). Great.

I'm told (by adam who sometimes pops in here) that this is now obsolete because there's a new version that uses bluetooth rather than USB. However, I'm still very, very happy with my purchase because it works well with my car stereo. The car stereo (which was a purchase from a few months ago) has connectors for USB and SD cards. I usually have an SD card full of music in there, and then take the card out to slip into my MP3 player when I arrive at the gym.

(MP3 player - £8; 4GB SD card - £20; the look on the faces of iPod owners when you tell them how much your MP3 player cost - priceless. There are some things in life that a lot of money can buy. For everyone with sense, there's shopping around.)

However, last night, I loaded up the watch with some choonz, and when I went to pick up my Lovely Husband™ from the station, I popped the USB connector on the watch into the USB socket on the car stereo. And lo, there was music.
Numa Numa - or Dragosta Din Tei if you'd rather - by O-zone. And I defy anyone not to love that song - it is so innocent, joyful and uplifting - it fills my eyes with tears of delight.


Al said...

I'll bet you'd buy a Skoda just because it's still a VW, just with a different badge? (I know you did once own a Felicia yellow pickup thingy!)

I like my iPod mini - I've had it for over 3 years, I use it every day and it's still going strong. Even my mum recognises it for what it is (and can pick it up and use it without much instruction). Nobody ever asks "what's that" when I take it out of my pocket, so I've never had to reply "oh, it's my cheap unbranded mp3 player, it really is just as good as an iPod, honestly, and it cost me hardly anything"

This is strange though, as I'm not usually like this with other consumables, especially designer (isn't everything designed?) clothing, but ever since I first saw the original (before they became fashion items to be worn) iPod I knew I wanted one.

Mrs M said...

Hi Kenny,

Agree Numa Numa is irresistible. I first heard it at the gym (this makes it sound like I "hit the gym four times a week", like all those guys on Gaydar, rather than four times a year).

But I think this version where the boys are dancing on the wings of a plane (as you do) is more fun:

I loved my iPod for the first year, when they were still a novelty - the design and technology are great. But once every teenager on the tube had one, plaguing the Northern Line with iPod Hiss from dawn till dusk, I got disillusioned and sold mine on eBay.

I think the MP3 player is, like the mobile phone, following a trajectory from status symbol, through anti status symbol, to something so normal it is a background part of life, like watches or shoes ...

Tickersoid said...

Lot's of songs do that to me.

Qenny said...

al: I always got wound up about people who said Felicia was a VW. I was very proud of the fact that she was - and is - a Skoda, and I would happily buy a Skoda again. I am surprised at your take on non-iPod MP3 players. Your putative conversation has never happened to me. The closest I've had is: "What's that?" "It's an MP3 player." Nothing more required. You don't fool me with your poor justification for the additional expense of the Apple logo :-)

mrs m: I agree, I'm sure they will become less and less of a status symbol. I seem to recall there was a similar thing with walkmans (walkmen?) and portable CD players, although that's perhaps not as good as your examples because portable CD players replaced the walkman, and in turn were usurped by the MP3 player. Interesting that you should pick out watches as something that is just a regular thing rather than a status symbol, though ...

tickersoid: well, don't leave us in suspenders - which ones?