Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nipples 101

I neglected to point out some months ago that I have been blogging for a year. That said, I did shut my virtual gob for a few months, so perhaps that why I didn't think the anniversary was worth registering.

However, I recently spotted that I was approaching my first blog century. Circumstances conspired to make my 100th blog entry a sad one. This is now post 101. And not a dalmatian in site.

I've been thinking about nipples.

The word "nipples" is, oddly enough, hugely unpopular with my mum. Say it in front of her, and she usually grimaces and says "Ooh, I hate that word!" I have no idea why.

My nipples are a bit crap and non-existent. I've never been a big nipple far, in either sense - a big fan of nipples, or a fan of big nipples. Having mine tweaked, prodded, flicked, teased, nibbled ... none of it does anything for me. Similarly, doing these things to other people doesn't really get me where I want to get to, if you follow me.

I've known people who are the opposite. Indeed, one chap of my acquaintance (not intimate, I hasten to add) was reputed to be able to get from a non-standing start (sic) to that place with nary a need for anything beyond someone giving his nips a lot of love and attention. And a fair bit of twisting. If it were a radio, you'd have been through all the stations several times.

The piercing that I got a few months ago was an effort to enhance my fun life with an additional pleasure option. I forgot to mention on here that said piercing lasted about 6 weeks before I gave up with it. I think the bar didn't work too well for me, and a ring might have been more appropriate. Hey ho.

It occurred to me today to ponder: do straight men play with their own nipples? Do they like having them played with? It always seemed to be quite a significant thing on the gay scene, back in my single days. It's one of those places you automatically go to with a new playmate to see if it elicits a response. Yet I've never heard a straight male friend mention it, despite having quite detailed and revealing conversations with straight men over the years. There's no physical difference, so presumably straight men are as able to get off on having their nipples played with as their homosexual counterparts. Yet I've never heard mention of it.

Anyone have the answer?


Nick said...

Mine don't do much for me but I recently was 'acquainted' with a gentleman similar to your friend whose nipples were so sensitive that any kind of touch would have him in fits of ecstasy... I was very jealous because it looked like a lot of fun...

First Nations said...

oh my yes. particularly if the man in question has red hair and is ex-marine corps. came like a firehose; scared the crap outta me.

you realize that i am back, don't you.

Da Nator said...

Well, that's one question I have no experience with.

I loves me some nipples, though. I love the word - I just find it silly. And I'm sick enough that I like to point at my cats' nipples when they poke through the fur and laugh.

Hey, we've all got to entertain ourselves, somehow.

This I will say, though: when I was young, I had a problem with over-sensitive nips. A stiff breeze could leave me squirming, so I'd never wear less than a thoroughly padded bra, for protective purposes. Over time the problem has faded. I both miss it and don't.

jungle jane said...

qenny try a couple of clothes pegs fastened to your nipples and then apply a blowtorch. works for me.

Qenny said...

nick: ditto - I feel like I'm missing out, in the same way that I feel like I'm missing out by not being able to enjoy taking it up the arras.

first nations: I didn't know you were back, and back with such flair and style. Fab!

da nator: isn't it great that we can be so entertained by our bodies, and the bodies of other people and animals? I've often said, who needs a tv when you have an arse and a lighter?

jungle jane: can the clothes pegs have little bits of copper in them, and be hooked up to the electric mains?

David Weeks said...

Reading a book about things sexual in my pre-teens (1950s) I happened across the information that nipples can be a sensitive area for boys and girls, whatever their orientation. Enlightened book as it did not discriminate against alternative lifestyles.

Tickersoid said...

Nipples? Works for me. Not to the vinegar stroke but Love having them played with.

Oh and JJ's peg and torch thing. Works better than jump leads to the car battery

Betty DeStructor said...

They do indeed. Mind you, I once went out with a bloke whose nipple were like bullets. He had really broad shoulders and they sttck out of his t-shirt, but he couldn't bear anyone touching them. He used to scream like a girl. Maybe that had something to do with the nippular size...

Anyway, I'm babbling. But you said nipples, and I needed to do a word poo. So there you go.