Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Letter "R"

My fellow magician Brian Sibley recently indulged in a little memicry, describing ten likes and dislikes beginning with, in his case, the letter D. He must have been delighted to get that letter, because it allowed him to put his lovely man, David at the top of the Likes list. (David is also a fellow magician, and one who has performed for no less a goddess than Kylie Minogue herself. But I'm not jealous. Not. Honestly. I'm not even jealous that my Lovely Husband™ met her at a party in Sydney once.)

Anyhoo, Brian volunteered to bestow letters upon whomsoever requested such a thing, so I did just that, and he endowed me with the letter R.

So, without further ado - one of Shakespear's less well-known works - on with the show.

Wot R Ur Likes?
  • Roger, as in Jolly. I always had a thing for pirates, and their twisted but nonetheless appealing flag. That, and the big, blousy shirts that they invariably wear. Oh, and I must point out why pirates are called pirates: because they aaaarrrrrr!
  • Romantic music, particularly Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Perhaps I'm not emotionally sophisticated enough to appreciate music's ability to influence one's feelings on a more subtle level, but give me a stirring bit of this stuff, and I'll be happy as a clam called Larry.
  • Rail. There is something quite delightful about travelling by train as opposed to car, aeroplane or ferry. And it's probably just as well that I can enjoy such travel, because I'm doing a lot of it these days.
  • Ribaldry. As anyone who knows me can testify, I do like a bit of dirty humour. There are times when I draw the line because something has ceased to be amusing. My Lovely Husband™ will laugh for much longer than I will at a TV show or film featuring someone farting or having the skitters, for example.
  • Razzmatazz. I'm a big girly queen. Of course I'm gonna go for this one. As with everything, it has to be done right. But when it is, oh! Heaven!
  • Rainbows. They're so magical. And living in New Zealand, one sees so many of them. Until I moved there, I had seen perhaps five or six double rainbows, and one very faint triple one in my life. Five years of living in New Zealand, and I've seen dozens of doubles, and several triples. And sometimes, just one rainbow, but a very, very clear one. A friend of mine once convinced me that they are complete circles in space, and it's an optical illusion when they seem to end in the ground somewhere. I have since been convinced otherwise, although this hasn't resulted in meeting any leprechauns.
  • Rough, as in a bit of. And indeed, my Lovely Husband™ is able to exude that kind of allure whenever he sees fit. As I have been known to do myself from time to time.
  • Randy. It's a much better word than "horny", less vulgar, more playful, with an extra helping of ambiguity, and I would love it re-enter the common parlance.
  • Rain. Not the song by Madonna, although I love that, too, and I'm told it had some lovely deep notes that you only get to enjoy if you have a sub-woofter plugged into your system. No, I mean the lovely, refreshing stuff that falls from the sky. And in the summer, the gorgeous whiff of petrichor that swiftly follows.
  • R - the letter itself. I'm hoping this doesn't invalidate the terms of the meme. I like this letter because with my beautiful, lyrical Scottish brogue, I can actually pronounce it properly, unlike my many less fortunate English and Kiwi friends.
  • Rabbits. I hate them, except in a stew. Friends had one as a pet, and it bit me and scratched me quite badly when I was looking after it for them. Since then, I've eaten them at every opportunity that has presented itself. I don't know if there is a word for people who eat their enemies (apart from cannibal - I mean something ending with -phage).
  • Riding. And for this one, there is an eating-related word - hippophage - which I would love to be. Actually, we're going to Belgium for a weekend with friends, so I think I'll be making sure I eat some horse whilst I'm there. The reason for my dislike of riding is that I did it a few times, seemed to be going well, and then had a horrible experience with a horse that will be dog food and glue long before I'm worm food, despite it's best efforts to cut short my life by throwing me off it, and then later (when I was back in the saddle), taking off at high speed and threatening to start jumping over hedges.
  • Rap music, but not all rap music. Some of it is stunningly clever, both lyrically and rhythmically, but so much is mundane, cheap, nasty, glamorising and celebrating things that are neither glamorous not worthy of celebration - gun culture, drug-taking, misogyny and homophobia, to name but a four.
  • Religion. It's big, it's nasty and it kills people. Worse, it makes nice people do evil things, and think evil things. And it has gone on for far too long. We need a new enlightenment.
  • Racism. People should only ever be judged on the basis of their actions, not on the basis of who or what they are. Racism makes so little sense to me. Mind you, I also dislike the abuse of the word "racism", which to my mind is applied far too broadly. Using a word like that indiscriminately (sic) undermines it's power.
  • Republicans. I'm sure there are some nice ones, but generally, my impression is not favourable. Besides, the agenda pursued by the neo-con faction over the last few years has created a mess that will cause problems across the world for a long, long time to come. What's not to dislike?
  • Reality Television. Designed to keep the ignorant ignorant, and allow us all to feel good about ourselves because not matter how crap our life is, or how ignorant, stupid or worthless we are, we can always look down on the people who participate in these ridiculous obscenities. I read an interview by an actor recently in which he praised a TV show (a drama, in this case), and apologetically said that it was nice to see something on the telly with actors rather than contestants.
  • Royalty. There is no god-given right of kings, because there is no god. Royal families, whether in this country or elsewhere, are an embarrassing anachronism. And some of them even see fit to comment on social and political issues, labouring under the rather bizarre impression that a life of privilege has somehow provided them with valuable insights into the human condition.
  • Road Rage. There is no excuse for it. Nor indeed, for many sorts of rage, except perhaps the out kind.
  • Ringtones. Polyphonic ones, specifically. I use them because I was kind-of forced into it, and indeed, I'm in the process of developing a magic effect that makes use of them. But I still don't like them! If I set my ringtone to a tune that I like, why would I ever want to answer the phone, rather than listen to the tune that I like?
There! Done. I am pleased to say that I really struggled with the dislikes list, because I'm generally quite easy-going, and it takes a lot for me to get worked up enough about something to dislike it.

Anyone else fancy a go, drop me a comment or an email and I'll happily allocate you a letter. I'm tempted to give Tickersoid a consonant, but you did ask Brian for one, so I expect that he will provide.


Tickersoid said...

I like Roger because it’s a playful, old fashioned euphemism for fuck. I also like the Errol Flynn shirts and was thinking of pleating one of my oversized shirts to gain the effect.

Count me in on the Razzmatazz for the same big girly queen reason.

Rainbows. Whilst pony trekking in mid Wales, I once saw, from the top of a mountain, an almost totally circular rainbow. One of those magical moments in life.

Rough. I was a young man before I ever met a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. (or as we say in Britain, ‘speed hump land’). I was mesmerised. It was like seeing an alien (well she was to me).

Rain. Not a big fan of the stuff unless it’s a total deluge, making manhole covers dance in their seats from the escape of air, fleeing for it’s life.

Riding. My ex-wife’s love of horses caused hatred in my soul for the vicious bastards.

Rap. Have to agree with everything you say on the subject. I often point out to my kids that some rap songs are good, in spite of the rap, not because of it. I’ve noticed the better rappers often have some singing ability such as Emenem and Nelly.

Racism and Road rage are naturally occurring anachronistic human phenomena which, these days, don’t make any sense. We have to teach ourselves to overcome that instinct.

Republicanism. Is defined as, the condition where the learning mentioned above has yet to take place.

Reality TV. I note that even with the massive editing that such shows require, it still barely passes as entertainment.

Royalty. Tickersoid jury still out on that one.

Ring tones. Magic trick? Sounds good.
Come on, you have to admit you miss Crazy Frog?....I'll take that as a no then.

DanProject76 said...

Oh yes, Ringtones. Evil evil evil.

Ditto to Rap music: What a waste of music when the lyrics and imagery are so bloody poor!

I like your likes too.

Nick said...

Allocate me a letter Qenny, I could do with something to keep me occupied this weekend, once I get over the shock of seeing Daniel Radcliffe in the buff! :-o
Nick x

Qenny said...

By all accounts, young Mr Radcliffe has a very meaty part, and makes it work very well for him.

Nick, I bestow upon you the letter "M", which I think is quite generous of me, since it means one of the likes could almost be left as an exercise for the reader.

Qenny said...

Hang on, Tickers. You can't get away with that reason for the razzmatazz one. Didn't they tell you when you got your gay card? You have to renew it periodically. Go on. Fess up. It's ages since you had yours stamped, innit?

Nick said...

Ok 'M' it is... keep an eye out on Sunday for the results, as Saturday evening I shall be clapping eyes upon young Mr Radcliffe's performance, and I may need a few hours to recover, if his part is as large as reports claim. ;-)

Tickersoid said...

OK I didn't renew my card so I'll drop the queen bit. Just keep the 'girly'.

frobisher said...

Oh oh! can I have a letter?

Qenny said...

Frobisher, I think you might need to have a P.

Tickers, if Brian hasn't allocated you a vowel, I'll give you an E.

Brian Sibley said...

Buttons is very unhappy about your attack on rabbits and the references to STEW!!!