Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dropping Like Flies

Is it my imagination, or is this little realm of the blogsphere becoming increasingly quiet? I notice that the number of comments is way down on several of the blogs I read, that a few people on my blogroll are no longer blogging, and that those who are still at it are at it less frequently than they once were.

I have to confess, that I too do it less than I did. When I first started, I followed up almost every comment. It became a bit too much, though, both to read and comment on everyone else's blogs, and to follow up comments on my own wibblings. Looks like I was part of a general malaise.

I did shut my virtual gob for a while, but opened it up again, and took a slightly different approach. That's when I started commenting less on other blogs, and mostly not following up comments on my own.

This time around, there is little chance that I'll give up on the whole thing. I realised that I like to write on this forum for my own benefit more than anything else. Even if no-one reads it, it's still useful as a diary, and a place to vent my frustrations or whatever else. So, as the chatter slowly ceases, I'll be wittering away to myself in a corner like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman.


Brian Sibley said...

Keep on wibbling... Some of us are reading those wibbles! ;-)

Blogging DOES thrive on cross-blogination which ]brings me to the question of why I am STILL waiting for your entry to my latest blog competition!! ;-))

Da Nator said...

Well, I'm still reading.

I think that blog comments are very reciprocal. If you comment on others' blogs or answer comments more often, you get more comments.

At the same time, people do seem to get oddly busy and distracted in cycles. I know I have been. Could be some seasonal affective disorder related to February. No sun outside, too tired to comment or post...

Tickersoid said...

I'm lis'nin'.


Qenny said...

Thanks, guys, I know you lot are still about, because I do read you all. I don't comment as much as I used to. I kind of stopped when I realised that sometimes I was commenting just as a way of indicating that I had read the post, rather than because I had anything of value to say, and I decided that wasn't necessary.

Of course, it doesn't help if my beautifully worded comments disappear into the ether :-)
I think it might be part of the migration pain as we all get ported over to Blogger v2.0.

Tickersoid said...

Blogging follows a pattern.

Reading and logging- Just writing for ones' self and reading other peoples blogs.

Reciprocal- Comments start to arrive and you check out other peoples blogs thus starting virtual relationships.

Pre-competative Social- The blog becomes more of a social circle, this is when you comment just to let people know you still want to continue the friendship.

Competative- You start taking note of your relative popularity and strive to increase it.

Post competative social- You find your real life falling apart because you've spent too much time blogging and reprioritise.

Static blogger- Some of your regular readers drift away to other blogs or stop for whatever reason. You're own blog looses popularity as a result. You've got into the habit of not exploring new links because, in the competative stage you couldn't cope.

I just made this up without too much thought going into it. I'm sure it could be expanded apon or improved.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I'm still here! Look at me, look at me, Goddamnyoureyes! Here I am!

All joking aside, Blimey Tickers! Have you taken a degree in Blogging?

Nick said...

I'm still here too!

I know what you mean - it's almost a full time job to post every day, read everyone else's blog, post comments and get involved... mind you, if I was getting paid, that's a job I'd quite like!

If I don't blog frequently I find it harder to get back into the swing of it - since I moved last week and I'm still waiting for an internet connection at home I've not really been able to get online and blog... but I'll be back... hasta la vista 'n' all that jazz.

Reluctant Nomad said...

What I like about blogging is the occasional meander through my old posts as it serves as a reminder of things that happened or I was thinking about at the time. As you say, very much like a diary and, as we all know, old-fashioned diaries weren't really written to be read by others. Well, not while still alive. :-)

David Weeks said...

Well, to be honest. I haven't ever read your Blog.