Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random Googlewhacking

Remember the days of GoogleWhacking?

It has been a long, long time since I tried putting two words at random into Google and coming out with a single page in the search results. For no particular reason, I spent a happy two minutes trying to get one a few days ago. And I did. Now I'm going to write it here, so it will cease to be one as soon as Google crawls this page. If it ever does. Which it probably will since it's a Blogger site and they own it.

The two words are:



The first is one of my favourite words, although I haven't been known to slip it into conversation very often, despite my best efforts. I've had more success with carminative (and I think carminate should be a legitimate verb), incarnadine and petrichor. I was introduced to the last of those three by my good friend DJ, who sometimes reads these pages. I don't think I thanked him enough at the time, so let me do it now, in this publically private forum: thank you!

(I'm keeping him sweet because he's just bought a castle, and I want to visit! :-)


Tickersoid said...

pachydermatous = A word probably only used by the magician Ricky Jay, to mean thick skin.

Ovaltine = A drink only consumed by middle class children form the 1930's.

carminative = Digestion calming medicine.

incarnadine = Got me with this one, no idea.

petrichor = The aroma of fresh, overdue rain.

Tickersoid said...

How about,

Incarnadine = An ointment, only obtainable by ones granmother, for the relief of piles.

Al said...

Not quite a googlewhack (sorry to spoil it). To be a googlewhack don't the two words have to have definition links? Ovaltine doesn't in this case :-(

mutleythedog said...

Try Robot and Scrotum....

Brian Sibley said...

'Incarnadine' = the colour of raw flesh AND to make something red...

So in 'The Scottish Play'(Act II, Sc. ii), Macbeth considers his bloody, murdering hands and asks:

"...Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood
Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
Making the green one red."

Da Nator said...

Awww. The next time I see an elephant fart blood I'll think of you, Qenny.

Qenny said...

Blogger is playing up again. I got a couple of comment notifications, only to pop in here and discover that the comments in question do not exist! Ah, well.

Tickers, I loved your definition in incarnidine. Perhaps I should add it to one of my wordplay blog entries.

Al, I was a bit surprised to hit anything at all that only generates a single search result these days, and to be honest, the page that I found is a bit crap. But please, let me away with ovaltine. What constitutes a definition link, btw?

Report card for Mutley The Dog: must try harder. (I looked - there are loads and loads of pages featuring robotic scrota.)

Brian, that sounds like a pretty impressive effect old MacBeth was trying to pull off. I wonder if that will turn up in a David Copperfield special some time. (Mind you, best trick he ever did was marrying Claudia).

da nator, I'm so glad that you'll remember be in those circumstances. Send photos!