Friday, January 26, 2007

Gold Standard

Am I alone in thinking that "Gold" by Spandau Ballet is suddenly very "in"?

About two years ago, my Lovely Husband™ and I went to a party in
downtown Auckland. I left a bit early on my own, and missed what
turned out to be a beautiful, amazing moment when life ceases to be
mere normal life and becomes the kind of life depicted in musical
theatre. For some reason, spontaneously, one of the guests started
singing "Gold", and suddenly everyone at the party joined in and the
place was awash with love, music and campness.

Fast forward almost two years. We were on holiday in Gran Canaria at
the tail end of last year. The Lovely Husband™ gets up and does
"Gold", only to be criticised afterwards by one of the drag queens who
works there, because that's one of her big numbers, and she had been
planning to do it later that evening. Later in the week we hear her
do it, and it turns up at a couple of other karaoke bars during our
week there. (Sometimes at our behest, it has to be said.)

Then yesterday, I send out an email to a host of people drawing
attention to a petition signed by a lot of phobes to try and delay the
introduction of the anti-discrimination legislation in Northern
Ireland (, and encouraging
them to sign a counter-petition (
on the same (UK government) web site. I promptly received an email
back from a friend of mine pointing out that the same site also has a
petition running on it - currently with over 1000 signatures - which

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to replace the national anthem with 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet.

If you want to join the push for this change, you can sign the petition here:


Nick said...

Now Qenny, I agreed to sign the first petition but I can't bring myself to add my name to this one...

My national anthem would have to be Belinda Carlisle "Heaven Is A Place On Earth"

Fuckkit said...

Finally, a petition worth signing!

*wanders off humming 80s classics*

frobisher said...

They'll probably change it. Remember what happened to "Things Can Only Get Better" by D:Ream when the Labour Party adopted it? Imagine being remembered just for that

mutleythedog said...

I will sign it - once I escape mu terrifying nappy prison - I sign all the petitions at No. 10 - I am sure that Mr Blair is only doing it for as laugh..

Tickersoid said...

I couldn't possibly sign that. Not my key.

BEAST said...

Marvellous , political debate , moaning drag queens and 80's thats what I call blogging