Friday, December 08, 2006

Tornadoes & Clarkson

I don't know whether I dislike Jeremy Clarkson more for encouraging straight men everywhere that it really is okay to tuck a shirt into overly tight jeans, or for his views on the environment. It wouldn't be so bad, except he is given a platform to air them (his views, that is, rather than his over-tight jeans - although the picture suggests that either interpretation is valid).


There he was last week, crowing about the fact that in one specific area of the world, there were fewer than the average number of storms this year, thereby proving that global warming is a load of nonsense. Excuse me? Correct me if I'm wrong, but we're still having the mildest autumn on record, following an extremely hot and dry summer. And it looks like tornadoes are next on the list of surprises that Mother Nature has in store for us as we continue to rape and pillage her resources.

Does it strike anyone else as odd, that in this over-documented day and age, there didn't seem to be one single photo from a cell phone of the tornado that wreaked havoc on North East London yesterday? Perhaps we aren't as geared up to tornado-chasing as those who live in Tornado Alley in the US. Perhaps the folks of NW-something didn't realise the cash they could make for one decent piccie on their Nokia. Maybe next time. Which will probably be sooner rather than later, despite what Jeremy Clarkson might have you believe.

On a completely unrelated note, I've migrated across to the New Improved Beta version of Blogger. Innit luvverly? Innit byooteeful?


frobisher said...

Glad you've dumped the "white on black" style - it plays havoc on my eyes.

True, Clarkson and Blair have between them killed off the jean market for the over 40s. Although his views on the environment are flippant, he has quite a good sense of humour, loved him on "Grumpy Old Men"

First Nations said...

holy CRAP. is that last picture really from the tornado event? i'd heard the briefest of mentions about it here on our laughable excuse for national news and recalled frobi (see above; put on some uns you tart!) mentioning the same.
we had a freak tornado event last year that tore up a field and part of a barn. we live on the west coast! in the foothills! next to canada!
no global warming? time to buy looser jeans, clarkie. they've cut off all circulation to your brain.

First Nations said...

btw your poem was inspiring, heartwarming and so inspirational.*snif*
*loads Bears4U website addo*

Qenny said...

Yes, that is a picture of the aftermath of the tornado. It was quite nasty.

Paul said...

Clarkson... can't stand the man, his jeans or his views!

Tornado... scary eh? It happened the day after I saw 'Wicked!' too, spooky!

New layout... love it Qenny!

Tickersoid said...

Jezza wouldn't be where he is today were it not for the old school tie.

I must admit he is funny though and his views on the environment fit in with what I want to believe.

Al said...

It's not caused by global warming, it's El Nino, which has been happening periodically for hundreds of years. We're in for a mild start to the winter, then it'll be baltic in February or there abouts.

Tornadoes are not an uncommon event in the UK either (average of 33 reported in the uk each year according to the met office and TORRO

Nick said...

There is actually one mobile phone video clip of the tornado which we showed on ITV News - it's not very good though - about six seconds long, incredibly pixellated - but you can see a large column of dust swirl through the air above rooftops as it moves across them... not very dramatic however. The tornado only lasted a minute, most people were probably so gob-smacked they didn't think to reach for their cameras.

Qenny said...

I still prefer my own Torchwood theory. An alien spacecraft landed in NWx, and Torchwood (or the real-life equivalent) swooped in, cleared up the evidence, brainwashed the locals, and blamed it all on freak weather conditions.

CyberPete said...

It could be fairies messing with the elements.