Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Did you miss me?

A couple of months ago, I put my blog into hibernation because it was eating into my time too much, and giving me another excuse to avoid work. I've rehydrated it and put it back online, and mean to start posting again, but to exercise much more control over how much time I spend following up comments and so on. So. On with the show.


Jo said...

Lovely to see you blogging again! I too have entered the world of blogging, albeit for school rather than fun. You can visit me at http://missthomson.edublogs.org/

Need to catch up with you and the Lovely Husband sometime soon!

Miss T

Tickersoid said...


Da Nator said...

Hooray - you're back! I missed you!

Big kiss! ;o*

Da Nator said...
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Dan Project 76 said...

Ah... I shall get the blogroll out (not bog roll) and add you back on it at once.

Megan said...

Who wouldn't want to avoid work.
Things I like to avoid are dentists.
If there's an excuse to reschdule I'd take it.
That's too bad you have a job you don't like.