Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bridget Jones's Chicken

My Lovely Husband™ had intimated that he fancied something light for dinner last night. Since I'm currently between contracts, I'm doing most if not all of the cooking and other sundry chores. I decided that a nice chicken and vegetable stir-fry would fit the bill, and off I popped to the local supermarket.

(I am making an effort to do more shopping from markets and butcher shops and such like, but it isn't always an option.)

Whilst I was perusing the shelves of our "local" Sainsbury's - I say "local", because we live surrounded by forest and it's a bit of a hike to get anywhere, including the nearest supermarket - I spotted something that looked like it would make a good addition to my ingredients: purple carrots. I checked that they didn't have too many food miles associated with them, and learned that they had come all the way from Norfolk, so that's not bad at all, in the scheme of things. It's always nice to have an unusual addition to the standard veg one finds in a stir-fry, I believe.

Dinner was a success. The melange of lovingly prepared vegetables, sliced chicken breast, and honey & coriander sauce worked beautifully. However, the natural dye from the purple carrots ran. Everywhere. The chicken ended up looking sort of dark grey.

I made enough that there was a load left over. I've just had some for lunch. Except now that it's been sitting around for a while, the dye from the carrots has had more time to do its thing. Now, the chicken, the cashew nuts, and various other parts of the leftovers are blue. A really artificial-looking blue, too. It tastes great, but it really looks bad. Baaaaaad!

Who let that sheep in here?

That is all.


Paul said...

I did a very similar thing once when my restaurant ran out of coleslaw;

I decided I'd make some up from fresh, and used some red cabbage. It turned everything a beautiful shade of pink, much to all my staffs amusement.

"Trust you turn the coleslaw pink!"

Hanuman1960 said...

I've never heard of purple carrots! Who knew?!!!

Dan Project 76 said...

I have heard of purple broccolli.

I have the same problem with beetroot, everything goes all poofy pink.

First Nations said...

actually this is a great headsup. i had thought about growing some purples because of the supposed nutritional superiority, but ew...i think ill just eat more plain old carrots to compensate!

JP said...

Good on ya with your locally grown produce drive; we opted for the farm shop over Sainsburys t'other weekend and it's all alot tastier, on top of being twee and green and all that.

No purple carrots mind you.

Jay said...

Red onions too, I think.

At least, that's what I blame whenever my stirfries turn a muddy greyish purple.

I constantly shame my ancestors by ruining even the simplest Chinese dishes.

runemeister said...

Your dinner/lunch sounds wonderful - it's too bad you'd never be able to convince someone outside of the loop that it really WAS the purple carrots...

CyberPete said...

I've always said that there is entirely too little blue food.

Never heard of purple carrots though but I like the thought.

Tickersoid said...

Influx of sheep?

You planning an orgy boyo!

Purple carrots!!

"It's food Jim but not as we know it."

Qenny said...

paul: Cole's Law: sliced cabbage and dressing. I think I've had pink coleslaw made with red cabbage before, a bit of deliberate faggotry, perhaps. There may have been raisins involved, too. Or currants. Or sultanas. I can usually not tell which is which.

hanuman1960: Me neither, which is why I just had to try them. They are purple on the outside, and some of the inside. The central (juiciest) part of the carrot remains orange.

dan project 76: Purple broccolli is lovely. So is broccollini, although it doesn't seem to have caught on here like in did in NZ a couple of years ago, where it is billed as somewhere between asparagus spears and normal broccolli. Broccolli Spears, then. Britney's sister.

first nations: For salads and such like, the purples would be great. They look fabulous! Also, as I discovered the day after writing this post, they roast very well indeed.

jp: I'm not sure how to find a local farm shop. Any pointers happily taken. Including sisters.

jay: You'll always be forgiven as long as you take care not to ruin out favourite dish of Chinese ancestry - your good self, natch.

runemeister: I'm very glad it was for my Lovely Husband™ and myself, rather than for a whole load of guests. He's forgiving when he's being cooked for. Sometimes.

cyberpete: Blue food. There is something a bit Tellytubbies about it. Even though I know Tubby Custard isn't that colour.

tickersoid: I threw in the sheep for your benefit. Bit of soft porn to get you all worked up ;)

BEAST said...

Some things are just not right , purple carrots is one of em , like blackcurrant flavoured Jaffa cakes - which were vile

CyberPete said...

But...but...but Tinky Winky is purple not blue... His purse is red though. Very fancy.

Not sure the kiddies would love it if we eat him.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Purple carrots from my own fair county? I must investigate this phenomenon forthwith.

Well. When Sainsbury's opens in the morning...

coolbuddha said...

'Artist formally known as Prince carrots'? Mind you, can't beat a nice stir-fry - it's wok kitchens were made for.
Sorry, I'll go and have a lie-down...

Megan said...

Stained it all purple!?
Sounds like some alien fairy left it's food behind.