Tuesday, July 04, 2006

That was the show that was

My Lovely Husband™, despite still being poorly, wanted to catch some of Pride this year, since it's his first. The NZ equivalent, Hero, is a very different beast, and in some ways more charming. Even though I think the name is naff. When I first heard of it, I assumed that it had been derived from something like "homosexual equal rights organisation". But it turns out that it doesn't have such an honourable provenance. Rather, they chose the name "hero", because anyone who dares to come out obviously is one (a hero, that is). Hpmh.

We caught a little bit of the parade. I was trying to work out if any of the jiggling dancing boys on the floats was jay, but didn't try too hard. Which is just as it should be, I'm sure he would agree.

We didn't stick around for long, though, because we were heading down to Kent for a barbie.

However, next night, it was full on europridification as we headed to the Royal Prince Albert Hall for "Europride - The Show".

And what a show it was. Starting fashionably late, the combination of so many people turning up a wee bit later than they should, and the fact that the RAH doesn't known its arse from its elbow when it comes to ticket management, the rich, plummy tones of Stephen Fry welcomed us in to an evening of celebration and fun.

The first act up was Tina C, a very funny drag queen indeed. I had first heard of her through my friend A, and we went to see her when she performed during the NZ Comedy Festival the year before last. Marvellous stuff. A visiting friend from Scotland who went with us to the show was gobsmacked afterwards to find out that she is actually an English bloke. He knew the bloke bit, but had been completely convinced by the southern belle drawl.

I'll probably forget a couple of the acts that were on, which is a bit irksome, but that's old age for you. There was a dyke-fronted rock band from Bristol called "Never The Bride", who really got the place pumping. There was the hugely funny Alan Carr, a turn in glam drag by Serena McKellan, Heather Small from M People, and a surprise performance by Boy George. George made an apparently bitchy comment, and seemed amused at his own bitchiness, but it seemed to me to such an inside joke that only about two people understood what he was talking about.

We were treated to a couple of numbers by the London Gay Mens' Choir (or perhaps quire would be better to give it a queerer look). They also joined in with one of Heather Small's numbers.

There were appearances by Fizz and Sean from Coronation Street, Billie Jean King, and a number of leading lights in the gay rights movement. There was the symbolic transfer of the Europride "quilt" to a delegation from Spain, where it will be hosted next year.

The final act of the evening was introduced by David Furnish, the husband of the act in question. Amusingly, after he initially did the introduction, there was a delay; and during that delay, Julian Clary and Sandi Toksvig ("I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandi" - they compered the second half) asked him a couple of questions, including "So what first attracted you to the ..."

Sadly, we had to leave during Sir Elton's set, because I'm sorry, knighthood or no, we had a tube to catch. And in the event, we didn't make it home, but had to get off at Finsbury Park - a scary place at night, and then some - and get an overpriced taxi back to the safe haven that is Snaresbrook.

Lovely. But by god was I tired yesterday!


coolbuddha said...

I heard - not having received an invite (*spit*) - that the evening lasted four hours. I wish I was there, and I'm sure it was great, but my buttocks give out after two hours...

Mental Mac said...

One of my claims to fame is; my friend and I's drunken amblings caused Sandi Toksvig to leave the bar she was in.

Funnily enough later that night I almost stopped a lock in as the bar was not sure if I was an officer of da law.

Lee said...

Loving the Tina C! 'No cock is as hard as my life...'

Qenny said...

coolbuddha: I take it that buying a ticket like the rest of us poor mortals wasn't an option? I suppose I could have tried "Let me through - I'm a lesbian journalist", but it's a charity bash, so my conscience wouldn't let me.

mental mac: Hello. Haven't seen you in here before. Welcome. I'd love to meet Sandi Toksvig. She's very funny on the wireless. I'll have to try and make sure that I'm relatively sober if the opportunity seems likely to present itself, since clearly she doesn't appreciate pissed people, alas.

Oh, and serves you right for going out dressed in uniform fetish wear :)

glittery lee: Isn't Tina fab? I loved her album "Complete And Utter Country", featuring the unforgettable track "Is My Ring Too Tight For Your Finger?"

frobisher said...

Tina C actually did a series on Radio 2! obviously a lot tamer.

Will be doing Brighton Pride, anyone going?

Qenny said...

Yup, we'll be at Brighton Pride. Never done it before. Hopefully my sister and her gf will be there, too.

Tickersoid said...

Reminds me, must make a point of doing the Cardiff event.

Fuckkit said...

*gets all nostalgic*

I'm gonna miss Brighton Pride this year. Hopefully gonna make it to Sydney though which will more than make up for it ;)

Qenny said...

tickersoid: Cardiff Pride. I foresee lots of men wearing "The Only Gay In The Village" t-shirts.

fuckkit: Sydney Mardi Gras - a very different beast, but I'm sure you'll love it.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I've never been to a Pride, and don't forsee ever going, either (in a non-insulting way), so I don't know what to say. I guess I'll just have to be nice, instead:
Glad you had a lovely time, even though you didn't get home quite as you wished.

Jay said...

Eh, wot happened to my comment? Now I can't remember what it was - but I'm sure it was very witty, insightful and well-spelled.


If I lived in NZ I'd simply go to Sydney for my annual 'europridification'.

Qenny said...

IDV: I never went to Pride before living in London, so clearly it isn't something that I would go out of my way for. Would you go to an East Anglia Pride, if such an event were organised?

jay: Not sure what happened - I didn't get a notification for an earlier one, so it's not like I've been sneaking in and deleting your lovely words. I'm equally sure it was witty, insightful and well-spelled. NZ does have its own pride thing, but the Ozzies probably take their event a bit more seriously. Also, Hero has been in financial trouble ever since a former director ran off with all the money, apparently.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

No, I probably wouldn't. I'm not very good with crowds of people. I can't even stand to be on the same side of the road as the people who've just got off the train in the morning.
Some of them have been known to inexplicably spontaneously combust...