Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ickle Bruvver

Next weekend is my youngest brother's 22nd birthday. In addition to being my youngest brother, he is also my godson, giving you some idea of the age difference between us. I should point out that I was very young to be a godfather, but at the time I was a student priest, so it seemed like a really good idea. My youngest sister is a year and a couple of days younger than my youngest brother, so there's an even bigger age gap right there. And I used to have a sister two years and a couple of months older than me, so the gap was something like 17 years between oldest and youngest.

But that's all by the by.

To celebrate his birthday, my youngest brother chose to spend this weekend in London. Most of the time he stayed with my other brother (one year my junior) and his boyfriend. However, for one night and one night only, he stayed with us. So we made the most of it.

We bought a new blow-up bed for his visit. We needed one anyway, since we often have guests, and some friends had recommended one from Argos. Turns out ours is better than the one they got (which we know, because they came around for dinner in the late afternoon, and we had some quality time and extremely lovely nosh courtesy of my Lovely Husband™). It has a built-in inflator/deflator and it's double-height, making for a very comfortable night's sleep indeed.

We also did a quick jaunt to Walthamstow Market, because I'm trying to get us into the whole buying fruit and veg from markets rather than supermarkets.

So, we picked my ickle bruvver up late on Saturday night and took him to Jeremy Joseph's palace of trashy fun, where a special guest appearance by the Vengaboys was the big draw. My icklest brother, despite being straighter than a bar of platinum-iridium alloy in Sèvres, was very keen to see them, as both he and his friends are big fans. In fact, he managed to get himself right down the front, and successfully filmed The Vengaboys (two of whom are female) in action, including when one of the girlies looked into his camera, waved and blew him a kiss.

On Sunday, we popped down to Southend on Sea for a day of minigolf and thrill rides, a bit of sunshine and a lot of relaxing. It was marvellous!

We didn't get back until late, and then I had a nightmare journey getting my visiting brother back to my other brother's gaff. It turns out we live relatively close to each other, by car. Who knew? (The reason that this is a revelation is to do with a long-standing feud between us. We're perfectly fine when we get together, but our partner's don't get along, and each of us is inclined to stand by his man, natch. I get along fine with my brother and his man. He gets along fine with me and my man. But put all four of us together, and it's not a recipe for a jolly, easy time.)

To my great delight, it turns out that ickle bruvver had one of the best nights out he has had in a long, long time. I'm very happy we were able to give him a good time. Normally I merely show someone a good time, which involves pointing out some people in a venue and saying "it's what they're having". This time it was much more the real thing.

Also, ickle bruvver got sufficiently inebriated to get his bouncy-ball out. When he dances, he plays with an imaginary bouncy-ball. Interacting with it allows him to dance with a decent rhythm and not end up looking like a big poof. Gawd knows there are enough of those in our family. Big pooves, not decent rhythms. And one and a half lesbians. (I add the 0.5 lesbian because of my magazine column.)

I'm sorry I've not been around much lately. Haven't posted much, haven't been reading other blogs much. I've been really busy with work, been away a lot, and been looking for my next contract since I finish this one at the end of next week.

Still, if I end up having a couple of weeks off to work on my tan and get back into some sort of shape, I don't think I'll be complaining.

On a completely unrelated note, my new magic business cards arrived yesterday, to my unalloyed delight, along with a companion set of fridge magnets. I'm very pleased with them. I've been waiting for a long time to get access to a specific area of the official Magic Circle web site so that I could get my grubby little paws on the canonical versions of their logo. I wanted that on the back of the card. Now that it's all done and dusted, I'm back to producing fiery business cards from my wallet, and doing a completely amazing effect invented by a hugely creative friend of mine in NZ.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I think I read all that but it must've fallen out of my head. Something about brothers, fueds, dancing with a ball, new contract, fruit & veg, cards and grubby mits.

Sorry. Blame the heat.

Jay said...

a. I would love to see your little brother dancing with a giant bouncy ball.

b. You have a gay brother? Two gays in one family? Gee, how modern.

c. I object to the use of 'pooves' as the plural for 'poof'. It's very ugly.

d. When I saw the words 'magic' and 'card' my heart leapt. Then I realised you weren't talking about the bestselling collectible trading card game. I would still like to see them, though - but not as much as I'd like to see the 'fiery business card' trick. (I assume it's a trick, and you're not just setting fire to them.)

e. I think it's SO cute that you've got fridge magnets.

runemeister said...

Q, glad you're back, at least for today. Loved hearing about your ickle bruvver. And I'd love to have one of your business cards...

Formerly shiftclick, now Runemeister...

frobisher said...

I rather like "pooves" as a plural of poof.

Can't get my head around the dancing with a imaginary bouncy ball, please elaborate further. Vengaboys? I would have thrown myself off the balcony during the first number.

Qenny said...

IDV: it's a killer that heat, innit?

a) easily done, provided there has been sufficient intake of alcohol

b) two gays and a proper lesbian

c) I have a love/hate relationship with the word "pooves" myself, but enjoy using it in the same way that I sometimes enjoy using the word "gays"

d) I was going to comment on your Magic: The Gathering geek confessional article and mention my own brand of magic, but decided against it; and no, I'm not just setting them on fire, they burst into huge flames as I take them from my wallet. Sometimes.

e) They're proving hugely popular, too. I was slightly concerned that the fact they lack any contact information would make them less useful as a marketing tool, but I am consoled by the fact that if you google for "qenny", the first four links are mine all mine bwahahah.

runemeister: How lovely to see you around again, with a new handle and everything. And reason for the change of name? I'll have to breeze on over to your blog and have a varda.

frobisher: The bouncy ball dance isn't for everyone, but it's a big improvement on the way most straight men dance, so I think it's worth giving it support. Bad dancers (i.e. most straight men) tend to either only be able to dance if it involves headbanging or jumping up and down a lot. Outside of songs where those activities are appropriate, they tend to shuffle inelegantly from foot to foot, roughly in time to the music, and they never know what to do with their hands. The bouncy ball thing means that my ickle bruvver moves his hands, largely in time to the music, and consequently looks a lot more like he's dancing and dancing well. And who would have guessed you're such a big Vengaboys fan as to throw yourself towards them from the balcony? :)

Jay said...

If you have access to a digital camera, can you please do your Flaming Business Cards of Doom trick and post the pictures/video here for us to marvel at?

Even better, can we please watch your ickle bruvver doing his bouncy ball dance? I seem to be a little... fixated on this at the moment. It may just be the heat, though.

Da Nator said...

Yes, yes - please show us pictures! Videos! Power Point presentations?

Glad to know your brother had a good time. How many siblings are there in all, again? I wonder how he feels having so many gay sibs. Surrounded, perhaps...?

My brother is straight, and he can actually dance somewhat (I actually quite puzzled him once when he took me out to - gasp! - a country-western bar outside Dallas and I commented that he was the the first straight man I knew who could really dance... I felt a bit ashamed of that one). Maybe that's the one gayish gene he got. He looks almost exactly like me, except taller, slimmer and bearded, so I suppose it's no surprise he only likes women, as I do...

CyberPete said...

Must be nice to have a gay brother though. My evil big brother is as straight as an arrow and 10 years older than me. Thankfully the fact that we live pretty close to each other doesn't mean that we see each other. I've seen him once in two years.

First Nations said...

see, i'm still tripping on you having been a student priest. i applied to the noviate; sisters of canaan. no lie. they turned me down.
wow. and now you're a playing card.

(i too need to see pix of the fiery business card illusion!)

Qenny said...

jay: I'll see if I can get something done over the weekend to satisfy your curiosity. Of course, you might get the chance to see it some time in real life, but then I'd get to know what you look like, then you'd have to kill me. Apparently :)

da nator: PowerPoint probably wouldn't be the way to go, given the nasty rootkit worm that's snaking around the net on the back of a ppt. I was one of six, originally, but my older (straight) sister died almost three years ago. That leaves five of us: two straight, three gay. It's surprisingly normal having two gay siblings. I probably get on better with my lesbian sister than with any of the others. Glad to hear your brother's got a bit of gay genetic stuff in him.

cyberpete: it was nice to have a gay brother back when we got on. Unfortunately, things went down hill gradually after he met his partner. I still get along fine with my brother, but I often feel that this partner has stifled or killed off the brother I knew and loved. It doesn't make for a particularly good relationship. And the most annoying aspect of it is that I don't really have any beef with my brother, it's his man I don't like. (And frankly, not many people like him. He's not a very nice person, and often goes out of his way to say really hurtful and/or offensive things even to strangers, just for the fun of being a bastard.)

first nations: That was a close call. You could have gotten into some dirty habits :-)

Da Nator said...

Qenny, I am sorry to hear about your sister. I'd like to give you a belated hug.

Having bad partners of friends or family sucks. I have a couple friends I hang out with much less since they were partnered - not just because nesting syndrome sets in, but because it changes relationships in all sorts of ways. My father's wife totally gobsmacked us with her grouchy attitude on our recent visit (although she warmed up later), and I've had misgivings about my brother's wife, for sure (I won't even get into my mother's boyfriends over the years). Of course, I'm sure some of my friends and family might say I've changed for the worse or become harder to reach (the latter is true) since I've been with M, and some might not even like her. Fortunately, there's not been such an open loathing in any of these cases as in yours. Does that make us more mature, or more duplicitous? ;o)

Anyway, I think I'm saying is that I "feel your pain." Hope things improve over time!

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