Monday, July 31, 2006

Go West

For the first time in about 6 years, I went on Saturday to West Five, a homosexualist establishment in South Ealing (in the W5 postal district, hence the name - that was for the benefit of any johnnie foreigners reading).

The big draw of the place is that, in addition to a fun club, they also have cabaret, and a small lounge bar with a baby grande and a talented pianist. You get to do a sort of live karaoke, accompanied by the man on the piano. When I last went, it was a little, lively guy called Kevin, all bouncy energy and splangly jackets. Now it's a guy called Jim. Much more sombre in appearance, but just as excellent in playing along, either with or without the music.

After a lot of deliberation, I did finally get up and do a number. I sang the old Bacharat classic "This Guy's In Love With You", a song my Lovely Husband™ is very fond of. Naturally, I didn't let him know that's what I was going to do, so he was all misty eyed at the sheer romance of it all. Bless!

We went there with A+B. In fact, I have never been there without them. Sadly, this time around, there were fewer books from which to pick songs, so A didn't do one. He's very good on his musicals, he is. He says it comes from growing up in The Fens, where he was obliged to make his own entertainment. And having seen the Jumbo Popup Guide To East Anglia, I now know why.

We were also treated to a wonderful cabaret performance. I didn't catch the girl's name, but she was quite a large-framed young black woman, and boy could she sing. She covered a lot of classic house and other dance numbers with verve, passion and excellent vocals. She was a diva. We were hoping she'd get out her Black Box to please us, but alas, riding on time wasn't on the agenda. However, with everything from "Show Me Love" to "Hold That Sucker Down", we couldn't complain.

We'll be going back there!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

A Homosexualist club? Whatever next?!

* heh heh *

Actually, it sounds like my kind of club. Except for those big, knobbly wooden ones with nails half hammered in...

Hanuman1960 said...

What a romantic gesture!

We'd love to go to a place like that too! Sad to say there aren't any like that around here...

frobisher said...

Ah, Ealing - Queen of the Suburbs or should that be suburb of the queens.

First Nations said...

*gasp* was that naughty lady PICKING UP TIPS???

remember - always fold that banknote LENGTHWISE!

CyberPete said...

That's what I call talent!

Jay said...

Gay magic AND singing?! You're a one-man homo show!

Paul said...

I know that place! I went there many years ago, in a previous incarnation in my cabaret days ;o)

The Lady Muck said...

Blimey, I've been trying to comment for days but my dumbass machine is being a dumbass.
Anyway, I love abit of cabaret, maybe next time you'll get a peek at her black box? (Hur)

Qenny said...

IDV: You leave those baby seals alone!

Hanuman1960: Maybe we could set up a virtual one ... I'm sure there would be a market for that.

frobisher: I'll go with the latter, methinks, although it wasn't back when I lived there, more's the pity. I was on a housing estate next to a graveyard. The graveyard was across the road from a old folks home. Nice. Thoughtful.

first nations: I think we picked up a few tips from her, about how to shake one's booty. Also, she had a very cool way of making her breasts move like they were jelly one minute, and then get all firm the next. Most impressive.

cyberpete: Oh, she was really good. And then she was getting everyone to get on down at Brighton Pride yesterday, too. Marvellous.

jay: I do my best. I have to satisfy my need for attention someone, and sometimes blogging just isn't enough.

paul: you performed? Do tell!

lady muck: Sorry to hear your machine is out of sorts. Blogger can be a bit crap sometimes, innit? I didn't get to witness her Black Box yesterday either, sadly, although she did some cracking numbers, as ever.