Friday, July 28, 2006

Actual Service™

Lord knows, it's not often in this country that you find yourself being impressed by service, but I've just had one of those experiences where I was not only impressed, but really impressed.

Our Daewoo Digital TV (a DUB-2850GB if you must know) was working fine until a couple of days ago. Since then, a few of the channels, including BBCs 1 and 2, ITV and Channel 4 have all disappeared. They're still available on analogue, I discovered today (though I ought to have discovered that last night so that my Lovely Husband™ could get to see Bad Girls).

I rang a phone number that was printed on the front of the manual that came with the set. After the obligatory "you are in a queue, calls may be monitored" stuff, I was on hold for ... oh, about three seconds, before the call got answered. The young man who dealt with me took me through very quickly and efficiently to identify what the problem is (I've lost multiplex signals 1 and 2), how it was likely to have happened (recent wind or lightning has knocked my arial out of whack), and how to fix it (do a Rod Hull). He was also able to confirm that the are no transmission problems at Crystal Palace, whence I receive my signal, so it's definitely at my end. Oo-er.

Before ending the call, I made a point of telling him how impressed I was. Credit where it's due, I reckon.


frobisher said...

Bad Girls was excellent last night, currently my fave on TV. I like the sound of Lovely Husband.

CyberPete said...

do a Rod Hull

You don't have to tell me twice ;)

Where I work I've been filling in by answering insurance calls lately. You get really happy when someone actually says 'thanks' or 'good service' or something to that effect. And it doesn't hurt for the other person to say. Good on you Qenny!

First Nations said...

good for you! people spend too much time bitching and not enough supporting work well done. right on. customer service is thankless but you just made somebody's day. you just scored lots of karma points, Q.

back post- the flaming card is AWESOME! i thought the whole card was going to go up like flashpaper but no...oh, thats too cool! i want some!
nice t-shirt. want one of those, too!

Da Nator said...

Isn't it sad how stunning it is when one gets really great service? Especially so on the phone. I actually did phone sales and charity work a lot in my youth, so I know how hard it is. Then again, I also know that I usually got the most sales and donations because I treated the callees with courtesy and my patented "professional, yet warm" voice.

I'm still gobsmacked by the excellent phone service I got a couple months ago from the gentleman who helped me with my malfunctioning aquarium filter, of all things. I wanted to send him chocolates. (Not really, but I think I'll go have some now.)

Jay said...

I don't know why you're so surprised. Some call centre workers are beyond excellent.

-points at self-

By the way, you really ought to put up more magic tricks here. I've been back several times to look at that card trick and masturbate to your voice.


I didn't even look at the card trick.

runemeister said...

I do appreciate excellent service, because it is so rare in this day and age. I have quite decided to remain with my current mobile carrier simply because of a representative of said carrier I spoke with last evening. He was working in a store (that sells his products, he was there to represent them) and we struck up a conversation and I opined that I'd recently had a letter offering me 10% off my bill if I renewed my contract. I told him that was not suitable, not at all, and one thing led to another, and he's going to contact his regional manager to see if he can't get something better for me. Quite the dear, he was.

Wyndham said...

Qenny, you do realise that analogue switch-off is now a mere four years away don't you?

Thank you.

*This has been a public service information announcement*

Qenny said...

frobisher: Well, you can't have him. He's mine, all mine! :0) He's been a Bad Girls fan ever since they started showing it in NZ. I'm currently doing the Atkins Diet. He was amused when I described it as being on prison food. Atkins was his favourite character, not least because of the actress's excellent performance in Beautiful Thing.

cyberpete: I would never say such a thing just to give someone a free boost, because I hate coming across as phoney. But when I am genuinely impressed, I do like to say so.

first nations: I love scoring karma points. I'm going to save them up and get something out of the karma catalogue. A chameleon, perhaps. Very glad you liked the flaming card. I was a bit shocked to see a whole load of clips on YouTube just using flash paper, and using it in pretty crass ways, undermining the value it can sometimes add to an effect. *sigh* These rookie magicians.

da nator: Ah, now we know who to blame. See, if you hadn't done that greedy intellectual property abuse thing by taking out a patent on the "professional, yet warm" voice, more call centres would be able to afford to train their staff to use it. Go on - turn it over to open source.

Actually, no, hang on. That might mean I have to give up my trademarked Lovely Husband™ for the benefit of everyone who doesn't have such a person in their lives and wants one. I'm a generous person, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

jay: I didn't know you were, now I'm just longing for video phones to become the norm so as to appreciate your hotness. Very glad to hear you are enjoying The Voice. I've been thinking about what else I could do as a clip. Might sort something out this week once I have my more chore-like things out of the way. I won't be held responsible for any damage to your keyboard, BTW.

runemeister: I had a similar experience once when buying duvets. A greasy saleman in John Lewis completely put me off by steering me towards the expensive ones when I had made it quite clear that I was going for the entry-level prices. Every time I reminded him of that, he steered me towards the next ones down from the most expensive, rather than straight to the cheapest. After a while, I decided I wouldn't want to buy from him, so I went next door to Debenhams. In there, I was deciding what to buy, when a stranger also shopping there made some very helpful suggestions, and pointed me in the right direction to follow them up. I asked him if he worked there. His reply: "No, but I'm on the board of directors, and I like to keep tabs on what we stock." That impressed me a lot.

wyndham: Thanks for that. I had an inkling it was close. Does that apply to radio, too? We can watch our collective electricity demand shoot up, and the climate will suffer even more. Fortunately, by then I'll be back in NZ, probably, where it's largely unspoilt. Which is why a lot of people feel perfectly in their rights to indulge in the behaviour that spoiled the rest of the planet. Give it time.