Friday, June 02, 2006

Word Games

Inexplicable Device has been dishing out letters in a meme about identifying 10 words that start with the same letter and have some personal meaning. I got the letter "I", so here goes.

I is for igloo. Perhaps I was an intuitive innuit in a former life, but during the long, cold, snowy winters of my childhood, back before global warming had made snow into something that comes in a can, I always tried to make them. And failed. But I kept trying, because you know what they say - try, try, try again, and keep trying until everyone is laughing at you for not realising your own limitations. Then shoot them.

I have to point out, at this point, that it's very hard not to hear Ali G's voice when typing "I is for ..."

I is for insincere. I spent years studying for the Catholic priesthood, and one of the most important lessons I learned is that absolutely the most important qualification for those with such a calling is sincerity. Once they can fake that, they've got it made.

I is for indigo. I love those colours in the very blue/purple area of the spectrum. I don't know why. Also, Indiglo Nitelite watches were very cool, in their day.

Shit. That's only three. Seven more to go? I'm not really the kind of person who has special things that mean a lot to me, and if I did, I don't think many of them would start with the letter i. Hmm ....

I is for infidelity. I was scarred quite badly by it, and it sometimes comes out when I make references to my ex. In person, I normally spit after mentioning him.

I is for infamy. Infamy, they've all got it infamy! I loved the Carry On films when I was a nipper, and later got hold of Round The Horne, too. Kenneth Williams - bless his little screwed up heart. Poor bugger.

Phew. Half way. This is getting a bit easier.

I is for IT. It's what I do for a living, although I tend not to dirty my hands writing code these days. Perhaps one day it will take a back seat to the magic, but I doubt it whilst you can still get a good day rate as a contractor.

I is for India. Never been. Not sure if I'll ever go, but I love the food, and learning to love it was very much a part of finding my own identity, and developing my own set of tastes and inclinations. Also, I've had lots of Indian friends over the years, and that has meant a lot to me, because growing up in West Central Scotland and attending Catholic schools and then seminary, I wasn't acquainted with anyone non-white until I was 22!

I is for iridescence. I love shiny things. If IDV had given me O, I'm sure opalescence would have been in this list. And one of my favourite - and most requested - card effects involves some cards that become iridescent at the end. It's a better climax than ... well, some that I've had.

I is for internet. I've been using it for a surprisingly long time, since towards the end of my stint at the University of Aberdeen. And that's going back. 1991 I think it must have been. My early understanding of it and it's underlying technologies have been a great help throughout my career, and instrumental in landing me my role as a lesbian journalist.

I is for incest, which makes me think of my time as an altar boy.

Or is that incense?

My thanks to Inexplicable Device for letting me play. I hope I've done you proud. I believe that I am obliged by the laws governing these memes to offer to all and sundry a letter, should they want to have a go.

Oh, and apologies for not writing so much lately. I've been dashing all day and working late at the Cabaret. I was in Scotland yesterday evening and today. On my way home, I spotted a tourist wearing one of those awful tartan bonnets with fake red hair attached. They are very much a ridiculous parody of one particular stereotype of what Scots are like. And here was this guy wandering around Edinburgh airport in front of a load of Scottish people. And no-one hit him. I wonder if I would fair as well if I went to Brixton done up as a minstrel ...

And ... something has gone horribly wrong with my blogroll. Anybody know anything about that?


update: Blogroll magically fixed itself. Ah, self-healing software. Gotta love it.


Reluctant Nomad said...

These things are always fun to read, I find. Not so easy, however, to write.

What's wrong with your blogroll? Looks ok to me.

Qenny said...

Last night, I intended to get round the blogs I read, but I found that my blogroll was empty. When I tried logging in to the blogroll site, I was redirected to tucows. I noticed the same problem on some other blogs, but not all. Odd. Still get the tucows redirection today, but the roll appears just fine.

Kyahgirl said...

Great list qenny!

I share a love of Indian food and several Indian friends, iridescence and the Internet!
Yay for the letter I.

(interesting bit of history there on your religious background. I consider myself a 'recovering Catholic', I think it may take the rest of my life)

Da Nator said...

Shouldn't "I" be for "illusions"? ;o)

Also, did you mention you'd been in the seminary, before? Because, oh dear...

Qenny said...

kyahgirl: Thank you, and good luck with the recovery :-) I consider myself fully recovered. I think that I flew, Icarus-like, too close to the sun, so when I fell, I really fell good n proper.

da nator: You are so right. You know, I knew there was something I was missing. I was going through all the "i" words I could think of, but the obvious one didn't come up. Something similar happened on evening when I had friends and acquaintance coming over for dinner, one of them was called Eve, and I was thinking if only someone called Adam were coming what fun it would be to introduce them. In fact, Adam, who sometimes posts on here, is one of my closest friends, and was coming along that evening. I think because we're so close, it was too obvious to think of him. Hidden in plain site. And that's my excuse for not putting "illusions" in the list, where it clearly belongs!

CyberPete said...

I love reading lists like that. They are a pain to write, but great for other people to read.

And oh lordy, just noticed I made it to your 'blogs I like' section. Thanks!

shiftclick said...

Apologies accepted for not writing, but I have to be honest and write thank you for not writing because that means I haven't missed any good things! And you've reminded me that I must get on with the letter N that was so nicely given to me by InEx.

Qenny said...

cyberpete: How could I not have added you with all those pictures of Kylie on your blog?

shiftclick: You flatter me. But don't let that stop you.


Moncrief Speaks said...

Your blog seems rather fabulous.

Qenny said...

Why thank you.

First Nations said...

how on earth have i missed you, qenny?
i liked the meme, not so much that i would marry it or even go out on a date with it or let it touch my boobs, but i will tuck the idea away and ponder it deeply.
FN lurking
*lurking sound fx*

Qenny said...

It's always a good idea to keep memes away from one's boobs. So I'm told, at least, by those who have boobs. Proper ones, that is, rather than saggy mantits like wot I've got. :)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Qenny, apologies for not getting here sooner - I had a bout of inescapable immolation. All done now, though!

Splendid meme. Or should that be 'ii'?

Infidelity: hoccchh... Ptooie!