Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time To Fix The Shingles

Here am I, working in Scotland, and my Lovely Husband™ is shacked up at home, all poorly with shingles.

Although I haven't suffered from this myself, I know how horrible it can be. My grandmother was really, really ill with it when she was in her late 60s or early 70s, and there were times when it really look like she might not pull through. Thankfully, after a sustained outpouring of TLC from my mum, she got better.

Knowing what a horrible illness it is, it pains me to be such a long way away from Lovely Husband™ during this time, and I can't wait to get home tomorrow so that I can look after him, if only for a weekend.

In the meantime, work is just going mad, and I have to get an article in to my editor this evening - the second piece of work in my new role as part-time lesbian journalist.


Dan Project 76 said...

Oh I would love to be a part-time lesbian journalist!

Instead I am a bookshop manager.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Shingles are dreadful - I feel for your Lovely Husband.

As for dan rueing the fact that he's a bookshop manager, I would rather be that than an IT consultant.

Dan Project 76 said...

I am sure IT bods get paid better.

Jay said...

Isn't shingles what you get after you've had chicken pox or something? Poor bugger.

What magazine do you write for?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

May your Lovely Husband™ get better soon.

jungle jane said...

Ohhhhhhhh Qenny best wishes to Lovely Husband™ - my mum had shingles and it was just utterly utterly awful. very painful best good vibes to him...

shiftclick said...

I have never been afflicted with Shingles, but like you I know many who have. I am lucky enough to not have that particular virus lurking about - I never get cold sores, either. One of the few blessings in my life. I do hope Lovely Husband™ gets better soon and stays that way a loonngg time.

First Nations said...

oh my god, poor man! i just did a quick read-up on shingles-ive heard of them but thats it.
holy fuck. I'm so sorry.

the whole lesbian journalist thing appeals to my sense of the absurd at the same time it completely flies over my head. yikes!

Qenny said...

dan: I have to confess that I make more of the part-time lesbijournalist and semi-pro magician thing than I do of being an IT bod, despite the fact that that's my major source of income. And a very good one it is, too, so I don't grumble. Also, I tend to keep a bit quiet about it because in general, I really love my work, and I feel almost guilty to be doing a job I really love and getting paid very well for it.

nomad: Thank you for the sympathy. It's a horrible thing, but fortunately, it doesn't seem to have hit him in a particularly painful way.

jay: Yup. Shingles is a herpetic virus, so one of those nasty ones that curls up inside you and sometimes pokes its head out. In childhood, if you get chicken pox, it sets you up for shingles later in life. The best way of avoiding it seems to be to make sure you get plenty of exposure to children with chicken pox, since that seems to boost your own immune response developed when you had chicken pox as a kid, and that helps to keep the nsaty little virus supressed in your spinal column somewhere. Oh, and Diva, since you ask. My first one is out in the August edition which hits the shops early next month.

ID: Thank you very much. He seems to be recovering quite well, although that might be pretend and he just want to look butch by not complaining much.

jane: thank for you for the lovely vibes. I know it's horrible. Fortunately, he's having it now rather than when he's older and more frail.

shiftclick: Did you manage to avoid chickenpox as a child? Well done! I don't think anyone in my school did!

nations: it appeals to my sense of the absurd, too. It's also a great one to be able to throw into conversation - and boy do I get every bit of mileage out of it when I do. Well, I care about the environment.

Tickersoid said...

's funny, I thought I commented here about how painfull shingles were. You can put up with it for so long and then you have to scream now and again.

Fuckkit said...

My old boss suffered from shingles quite a lot.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke *spits*

Hope he feels better soon :)

Da Nator said...

Ooh, I've never had chicken pox and I am deathly afraid of them and the shingles. Here's one time I'm glad you and the Lovely Husband™ are several thousand miles away. Between you pissing on my toothbrush and him giving me boils it would make for a poor party. ;o)

That said I hope he feels much better very quickly. If you're lucky he'll be done with the worst of his whinging by the time you get home, too!

jungle jane said...

Tickers i have the same reaction when being spanked with a large paddle.

Qenny said...

tickers: I didn't delete anything - honest! I wouldn't from you anyway.

fuckkit: Clearly, he would have been better suited to life as a primary school teacher. (If that doesn't make sense, check above for my response to jay's comment.)

da nator: I wonder if wee-flavoured toothpaste would help to keep shingles away.

jane: It would have to be a very large paddle for you to be able to do that to each other - you're on opposite sides of the globe, aren't you?

Latest update: Lovely Husband™ has had a second opinion, and the second doctor thinks it's psoriasis. So, I could be living with the next Singing Detective. Fortunately, he looks nothing like Michael Gambon.