Thursday, June 29, 2006

So hypocritical it's almost funny ...

Condoleeza Rice has been trying to lecture the leaders of Pakistan on how to run a democratic election.

Honestly. I kid you not. Before we get to the details, here's some background.

There is a crazy religious dictator running the United States of America. This man stole an election by using connections within his corrupt family to illegally deny the vote to hundreds and hundreds of African Americans in Florida; and even then, he still lost, but managed to steal the election anyway. Of course, denying the vote to African Americans is in no way indicative of racism, because he managed to find a couple of heartless, unashamed money-grabbing mercenaries who happened also to be African American to join him - of whom Rice is currently the most prominent - and thereby create the impression that he's really all about equal opportunity.

He used connections with right wing media organisations to spin the outcome of the election in his favour even though there was no justification in doing so. This allowed him to make it look like his opponent was being a bad loser, when in fact, his opponent was the fair winner.

He took advantage of the fear generated by terrorism to keep the country in his sway, and justify an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation in order to plunder its energy supplies and enrich himself, his family and their cronies. This was despite the fact that the terrorists in question had been funded by him, his family and their cronies for many years, and many of them were flown out of the country by him in the immediate aftermath of the initial terrorist attacks.

His illegal war has made the world a much less safe place, and has done much to encourage further terrorism by creating a justification for it; and he has the nerve to criticise all who didn't stand with him as "enemies of democracy" - despite the fact that the countries who did stand with him did so against the democratic wishes of their peoples.

So, with that in mind, we now read that his globe-trotting "goodwill ambassador" is trying to dictate to people in another country how to be democratic. What a fucking cheek!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

* jumps for joy at being first *

Hmmm... I don't do politics (even though I probably should), but I do know that I wouldn't want America interfering with my sovereign state.

Political USA should sort itself out first before inflicting its corrupt ideals on unwilling others.


Qenny said...

Yay! Second!

Oh, hang on. It's my blog.

I do feel sorry for all the lovely American people I know who are completely mortified at what the tossers in power are doing to the reputation of their country. Not to mention its security. And that of many of the rest of us.

frobisher said...

Amen Qenny, this post hit the bullseye.

CyberPete said...

I'm not really into politics so I'll just add a little side note to watch exactly HOW he came to power.

Watch "the Florida Erection" It comes (every pun intended) highly recommended. ;)

Dan Project 76 said...

That Condoleeeeeza is such a shrew.

Like a satanic Oprah, I cannot even say her name without wanting to kick a puppy!

Da Nator said...

Woo! You said it, qenny!

And I'm not American. I'm, uh, Canadian. No, really...

(crickets chirping)

P.S.: How about that supreme court ruling today, though, eh?

Jay said...

I know nothing about politics and world affairs, but I do know that Condoleeza Rice has a funny name.

jungle jane said...

I am Australian. We only know about beer and rooting. I thought that Angelina Jolie was the goodwill ambassador? gees. politics. i can never keep up with it.

First Nations said...

pretty much, qenny, pretty much. i deplore what this government is doing both at home and abroad. still, Big Oil is running the show over here now and it doesnt matter who is 'president'. obviously.
after we've been made a suburb of saudi arabia and alaska is nothing but a giant, sucking hole that smells fainly of crude, i'll still be here shouting faintly but defiantly to whoever will listen:

Qenny said...

frobisher: Don't go getting all religious on us! :)
pete: I'll look out for it, although I'm guessing it's a TV special rather than a cinema release, because I couldn't find anything on IMDB about it.
dan: Satanic Oprah - I love it!
da nator: It will be interesting to see just far people will tolerate the blatant abuse of power it's going to take to let him continue to have his way after that ruling.
jay: Let me clue you up, then. George Bush is an evil man. The lady with the funny name uses her intelligence and charm to try and get people to forgot just how evil Bush is.
jane: Get with the programme, sister. Otherwise you'll be stuck with Howard for ever!

Qenny said...

nations: Big Arms seems to have a lot of influence, too. I mean, taking an order for those jet fighters at this point in history? Sheesh!

First Nations said...

i have only to tiptoe several hundred yards through the tulips to be in a free country. i like to bear that in mind during times like these.
i love america, but i do not love its current leadership. blue stater 100%, me.

CyberPete said...

Let's put it this way. I doubt they'll air it on bbc one

Tickersoid said...

You're pushing against an open door as far as I'm concerned.

aliscia said...
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