Monday, June 12, 2006

Scottish Jig

At the risk of boring you to tears with the virtuous vigour with my myself and my Lovely Husband™ seemingly make the most of every moment, I'm about to deliver another breathless description of a fabulous weekend.

Before that, I should mention a few other things.

The weekend before the one that's just gone, we had the unalloyed delight of entertaining a very good friend of ours from New Zealand. We'll call her Exocet. We all went to Hampstead Heath and had a picnic in the glorious sunshine. We wandered around a little, and passed the mens' pond, where the usual gaggle of sun-kissed, exquisitely buff muscle marys were recovering from their drug binges of the night before.

This week, we'll be entertaining - and no doubt entertained by - a friend of my domestic goddess mother-in-law. We'll call her Bracken. I hope I get home whilst she's visiting. I'm currently still in Scotland,m but keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be freed up by Wednesday to get back to London. Bracken loves to dance in a highly amusing way to ABBA, and I have photographic evidence of her ability to get a little carried away by one too many sherries.

This coming weekend, another very dear friend is over visiting from New Yoik. We haven't seen him for ages, and can't wait to catch up! I suspect he might have exciting news about his career, too, since he's a highly talented, well-connected screen writer. I think there might be a feature debut in the wings.

So, leaving all that to one side ...

After the Not So EasyJet debacle on Friday night, we went straight home (well, as straight as two men who are married to each other can) . We did have one detour, because we were both hungry, and at that time of night, you've got to pick a curry or two, if you'll forgive a little bit of Lionel Bartering.

Saturday, we popped in to Glasgow and spent a wonderful couple of hours in Slater Menswear, which is simply the best place to buy suits. Of which I know. And the Glasgow branch is their main store. It's suit heaven. So, I got a suit and a pair of shoes, and my Lovely Husband™ got two suits, both of which I picked out for him, oddly enough. I say oddly, because I really don't have the gay clothing gene, and he does; but I seem to have an eye for suits. One of the ones that he got is black velvet with a white or light grey pinstripe. Sound ghastly? It looks terrific on him, if a little Jonathan Ross. But then, he could wear a dirty teatowel and make it look fabulous. It's them gorgeous cheek bones, innit?

Late Saturday afternoon, we went out for a big family dinner, of sorts, to a totally wonderful Chinese buffet place in the middle of nowhere. It was terrific, and I'm really not usually one to sing the praises of Chinese food. (Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, Bhurmese - I love them all; Chinese, I'm not so keen on.) This place, however, was really, really, really good.

We ate quite early because my dad had to get off to his AA meeting. He's a changed man since he started going to those. He joined when my youngest sister became pregnant. He vowed that his grandchild (since there is only one - so far) will never see him drunk. And he's stuck to it. And he's become a much nicer person as a result. Everyone has noticed, and everyone comments on it. It's great. Incidentally, my little niece was with us at lunch. The poor wee thing isn't very well, but she's so good-natured that even though she's not well, she's still really well behaved, and tries to grin and gurgle through it all. Completely adorable!

The staff in the restaurant were all over her trying to make her laugh - and succeeding, because she's very smiley and giggly. And I ended up doing a whole load of magic for the waiters and waitresses, so that was nice.

So, having had a relatively early dinner, it was an easy thing to then organise a night out. My brother joined us, a little apprehensively since we were going to a gay place. My sister also joined us, but her girlfriend needed an early night, so she brought along Wee Gee, a very young chap who may one day be vaguely related to us by marriage (between his brother and our youngest sister).

So, off we went to The Polo Lounge - which to my mind is the most fabulous gay club ever invented. It has beautiful antique furnishings on the ground floor, a mezzinine with more modern deep leather sofas, and downstairs, a big dance club playing up to date stuff, and a smaller dance room that does 80s and90s trash. It's everything I could want in a club all in one place.

We didn't get to stay very long, because I had to get to work the next day, but we made the most of it. My sis and Wee Gee stuck around when we left, but my youngest brother came home with us, partly because he felt a bit uncomfortable, bless 'im.

Next day, I was up bright and early to get into Stirling for 09:00. I did some work whilst Lovely Husband™ sunned himself outside and improved himself with literature. We got away after an hour or so, broke fast in a nice cafe, then visited Stirling Castle. Great views from the battlements - and it's so old!

Alas, as we were leaving for lunch with my cousin and his girlfriend, and a couple of old friends I hadn't seen in years, I got a call that pulled me back into the office. I headed to Linlithgow, dropped off my Lovely Husband™ and went back in to face the music. After a couple of hours, it was too late to join them for lunch, but I caught up with them outside Linlithgow Palace - another fabulous castle - and went to grab a bite. It was very lovely indeed. And still sunny, so the neds (that's Scottish for chavs) had their shirts off to expose their deeply tasteful lobster-coloured torsos.

After that, it was a short hop to the airport to see my beloved onto his jet plane, and back home to pick up my ickle brother and go with him to see X-Men III.

Bit of a boring one, then, clearly.


Reluctant Nomad said...

I need to go to bed now - you've exhausted me!

Nice weekend, though.

frobisher said...

How would you feel about being my Court Jester?

Qenny said...

nomad: I know the feeling! (But that wasn't me offering to go to bed with you :-)

frobisher: I'd love to. What's the remuneration package like?

shiftclick said...

Ah, rather like reading a nice chapter in a good book. Thank you! I feel refreshed!

First Nations said...

i envy this weekend.
i covet this weekend.
sounds just fantastic, Q!

Dan Project 76 said...

You really need photos to illustrate these points!

I do so love the Lobster Chavs! Well not love as they scare me but I never tire of laughing at the sunburn and dodgy tatoos.

Qenny said...

shiftclick: I'm glad you feel refreshed. I feel exhausted! :-)

first nations: But weekends like this are so easy to make and do!

dan project76: I'll get some snaps on my main web site in due course. I'm still a couple of events behind, but I'll catch up. One day.

Kyahgirl said...

Are you sure you squeezed enough in? :-)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

So what did you do for the rest of the weekend?

Qenny said...

kyahgirl: I think that's a question best left to my Lovely Husband™ ;-)

inexplicable device: I spent the rest of the time lazing around and generally being an idle git. As per.