Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bathroom Sink Drama

Given the adumbrations of despair concerning the supply of water in the South East of England, and the Mayor of London's helpful suggestions about how to save a bit by not flushing the loo, it occurred to me to canvas for an opinion on pissing the sink as an option for us chaps above a certain height.

Pissing in the sink is something I've done many's a time if the throne is otherwise occupied and the need was great. I've had no qualms for a long time about pissing in a proper shower. I draw the line at a shower over a bath, especially when it's at a friend's house.

It struck me that pissing the sink should be encouraged, because it really doesn't take much water to clean up afterwards, certainly a lot less than the standard flush.

Your thoughts?


Reluctant Nomad said...

I've done it before and I'll carry on doing it when necessary. Fortunately, if it's a stainless steel sink and not white porcelain, those telltale yellow splashes you may forget to clean away are vitually invisible. :-)

Da Nator said...

Not where I brush my teeth, please.

shiftclick said...

I have no problems with blowing my nose in the sink, so I don't see why pissing would be a big deal. As long as you give it a good rinse afterwards.

On a semi-related note, my dad used to have the habit of stepping out the back door and relieving himself... but then he is in a rather suburban area.

Jay said...

You mean you're not supposed to piss in the bathtub?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh. I don't know what to think about this one?

Initially, a wave of abject revulsion passed through me. Then I remembered that I had actually relieved myself in a basin once before - I say 'basin' because sink, to me, means the kitchen sink. Basin is for bathrooms. I think that's why I had the 'wave' - peeing in the kitchen sink is definitely a no no.

Qenny said...

nomad: Stainless steel? Oo-er. Refer below for comments on kitchen vs bathroom.

da nator: Are you in the habit of scrubbing the basin with your toothbrush? But, fair enough, I personally will never do it where you personally brush your teeth :-)

shiftclick: Peeing out the back door. My, the neighbours must have loved that!

jay: On your own, no-one need know. As part of a romantic evening ... well, it depends on the proclivities of your companion or companions, I suppose.

inexplicable device: I'll steer clear of the kitchen sink. Honest!

First Nations said...

rinse well and its all good. urinary freedom now!

you think guys are the only ones who find relief spelled 's-i-n-k'? ladies, cock a knee up on the vanity and it becomes a mere matter of controlling the volume of flow.


Qenny said...

first nations: It's never tmi for me. I loved it! I must tell my dyke sister. She's wanted to pee standing up every since she was a (tom)boy. Although I dare say she has discovered that technique all by herself.

Incidentally, I particularly enjoyed writing this post because I got to use the word "adumbration". I think "pachydermatous" will be next on my list of cool words to slip in to the blog.

jungle jane said...

I'm good with pissing in the sink - which is no mean feat considering i am a girl.

I am moving to London in a couple of weeks. Could you get me the Mayor's home address please Qenny so that i can go around to his house and piss in his loo? i am certainly not going to have my own home stinking of piss.

Al said...

Given that the urine of healthy individuals is completely sterile, it's no worse than pouring a glass of slightly smelly salty water down the plughole.

What the masses of bacteria down there will do with it afterwards is another matter...

Jason said...

Alternatively, pee in the loo as usual, but wait until you have had a dump before you actually flush it. OR....when you have finished doing the washing up then pour the water out of the washing up bowl down the loo to "flush" it. OR if you have a compost heap at the back (or indeed anywhere) of your garden, then just piss on that because it works wonders!