Sunday, May 14, 2006

Opium Din

We went to dinner last night with a colleague of mine and his lovely fianceé. We'll call them Sugar and Spice, for no reason at all.

Sugar is an excellent cook, having spent a number of years as a full-time chef. The dinner was terrific. We brought along a bottle of Lisa McGuigan Tempus Two Chardonnay. Neither myself nor the Lovely Husband™ is inclined to drink chardonnay, despite being big fans of Kath & Kim, but this stuff is truly wonderful. We also brought a Tempus Two merlot, which was also splendid. And they're on special at Tesco, so rush out and buy some.

We eventually headed into town to go for a boogie. We were planning to go to G-A-Y, but the queue was kinda long, and none of us likes to queue for anything. So, wandering around Soho, a young woman called Anna, who sported a badge indicating she was some kind of guide to the clubs and pubs of the area, volunteered to help. She mentioned a couple of places, describing the kind of music they had. Most of them were hip hop, and we made it very clear that that wasn't likely to be our scene. We were after either cheesy dance music, or funky house. She decided that funky house was to be found at a place called The Opium Den.

She walked us there, got us past the bouncer, and convinced the lady taking money at the door that we should get in for £10 each rather than the £15 that we would have had to pay if we had rocked up on our own accord.

And, after spending a bit more money to leave our "cloaks", and quite a lot more at the (rather overpriced) bar, we paused, listened, looked, took stock, and realised that we'd been sold a pig in a poke. It was very much a hip hop kind of place.

We drank up, got our coats, and then worked our way up from the girl taking the money at the door to the manager of the place, and eventually got our money back. It took a bit of doing, and it helped that we were all very smartly dressed and hadn't gotten too pissed over dinner. The good cop / bad cop routine pulled by Sugar and Lovely Husband™ worked a treat, too.

So, flushed with success, we went back to G-A-Y where, lo, the queue was gone. We got in just in time to catch a couple of numbers from Chicago (where a dodgy sound system did nothing to help), and then danced the night away. Mostly on the stage. With quite a lot of vogueing, which is really showing our age, but hey, the "laughter lines" do that anyway.

In an unlicenced mini cab on the way home, we were treated to some excellent accapella music from a cab driver who is auditioning for the next X Factor. In return for delighting our ears, we gave him as much advice as two pissed, tired queens were able, and then we collapsed exhausted into bed and tried to drown out the noise of the dawn chorus.

What Saturday's are all about, really.


Fuckkit said...

Ah, G-A-Y. I still have their newsletter emailed to me to keep some kind of connection with gay UK.

Although gay Brisbane is spookily similar to some pubs down Canal Street...

Fuckkit said...

Oh, and yay, first.

Jay said...

We REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go for that Chicago thing in G-A-Y.


The last time I was there was to watch Belinda Carlisle. I think that officially makes me an Old Gay™.

Qenny said...

Fuckkit: will you be switching from cake to tramp kebab, then?

Jay: We didn't even know it was on! We just turned up, and there it was. So, would that have seen Bonnie Langford that I saw, then? The woman who sang "When you're good to mamma" had a great voice, but didn't really make a lot of the double-entendres in the song. Admittedly, she was badly hampered by the technical difficulties. At one point, the backing track stopped completely, and she sang gamely on; then the backing resumed at the point where it had stopped, so she had to repeat a line or two. They're having Pink on the 27th. Ooooh!

Nick said...

Hello to a fellow Kath & Kim fan - but what a simple mistake... the drink is called Cardonnay, not Chardonnay. The 'h' is silent, you shunt! ;-)

frobisher said...

Get her! or 'er'.

Chicago? not the old group Chicago? "If you leave me now"?

Qenny said...

nick: I know it's usually pronounced Cardonnay, but I once heard someone say Shardonnay and I thought it was nice. Different. Unyoosual.

frobisher: Sadly, no. Unless they've reformed and started singing numbers like All That Jazz.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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