Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Entering The Circle

News just in - I am now a member of The Magic Circle. I'm as happy as a sand boy, whatever one of them is.

I'm also a bit surprised. There was a guy who did his exam on the same night as me, and I thought he was a dead cert, but he called me a couple of days later to say that he had received a letter telling him that he hadn't made it. I've been waiting for the last couple of days for such a letter myself, but nothing had turned up.

Today I was working at home, and so there was that moment of dread when the postman shoved something through the letterbox. But it was something innocuous and unconnected.

Then this evening, Lovely Husband™ takes a call for me, hands me the phone, and it's the now-familiar voice of the examinations secretary congratulating me on passing my exam and being approved by the membership committee.

All that, and we're off to Paris tomorrow night for a little break, celebrating the first anniversary of our wedding. I'll go to sleep tonight the happiest queen on planet earth.


Wyndham said...

Congratulations - do you have to produce a rabbit from a pencil-case?

Qenny said...

No, the only rabbits I ever use I buy in the frozen section of my local supermarket. They tend to defrost in the pencil-case, which ends up being a bit messy, and doesn't go down well with the birthday child.

Jay said...

Congratulations! So now you're a Proper Magician™!!! Do you actually do shows? You gotta post up some details so we can toddle over for a look.

shiftclick said...

Oh, how lovely! Felicitations are definitely in order!!! Do enjoy your time in Paris!

Qenny said...

jay: I am indeed. When people ask me if I'm in The Magic Circle, I can now smile confidently and say "Yes, I am." It's been a while since I did a show, in truth, work having taken quite a toll. However, I did have a regular gig in Charlie's Bar (between Stepney Green and Bethnal Green) last year, and I might start putting the feelers out to see if I can do that again for a couple of months. I gave that up late last year, and since then haven't really been looking. Had a couple of parties, a gay wedding or two, but nothing open to the general public. If I get something, I'll let you know.

shiftclick: thank you very much, and I'm sure we will!

frobisher said...


*secret squirrel from work - v. busy*

Qenny said...

thanks, frobisher.

I obviously got my rodents mixed up when it came to identifying your avatar. I didn't think it was a squirrel, secret or otherwise :)

Reluctant Nomad said...

Congratulations!! IS being part of the Magic Circle the same as being part of some inner circle? And, if so, don't you feel claustrophobic?

Qenny said...

thanks, nomad, and no - there is an Inner Magic Circle, but I'm not in that. I'm just a plain old MMC (member of the magic circle). You can sit a more advanced exam that allows you to become an AIMC (associate of the inner magic circle). MIMC (member of the inner magic circle) is only bestowed by invitation of the president of the club. Within those ranks, there is a further hierarchy. I believe that the highest level that you can attain is MIMC with Gold Star.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) has something similar called the Order Of Merlin.

Think masons, but replace the aprons with cards.

Tickersoid said...


I knew you'd be able to pull it out of the hat.


Well someone had to say it.

Da Nator said...

Congratulations! Do you get anything for it? I think you should get a fez. Shriners shouldn't have all the fun.

Enjoy Paris, and happy anniversary!

Jorge said...


That´s great!! so glad...cant wait to see your magic tricks again

Fuckkit said...

Told you you'd be fine. Fucking psychic, me.

Congratulations on both the entering of the Circle and your anniversary m'dear.

And I still reckon you should film a special blogger show and post it here especially for us.

Kyahgirl said...


And Happy Anniversary :-)

Qenny said...

tickersoid: well done for getting that one in before anyone else!

da nator: I get a badge, a card and a pretty certificate. I think a fez would be cool, too, although red isn't my colour. Apparently.

jorge: cheers, matey - I'll make sure to bring some when we visit. As if I wouldn't. Frankly, I'd be more likely to forget to pack clean socks.

fuckkit: you must have been sending me psychic waves of empowerment - much obliged! I will - one day - get around to putting a video clip of me performing my signature piece on here, but it will take a bit of organising since I don't have easy access to the necessary technology.

kyahgirl: ta very much!