Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Arctic Roll

Ever since I described Arctic Roll to my Lovely Husband™, he's been keen to try this delicacy. It isn't something they ever had in New Zealand, apparently. Or maybe they did, but his family are all great chefs, cooks and bakers, and would never dream of buying a dessert.

Arctic Roll is great. The ice cream in the middle looks like yer average soft scoop (yuck), but unlike soft scoop, it's surprisingly dense and tasty. I suppose it has to be dense otherwise the whole confection would fall apart too readily, and you can't have that. Oh, no.

My efforts to satisfy the curiosity of my Lovely Husband™ hadn't met with much success. Nowhere I looked - and I ever tried places like Lidl and Iceland - could I find the damned things. I asked some people, and the places they suggested I try were the places I'd already tried. It was a bit like when I tried to buy that gooey marshmallow stuff in a jar. Everyone said it was easy to find, available in the all the supermarkets, etc., and then every person I challenged to buy a jar for me failed. Why? Because it just wasn't on the shelves any more. Either the supermarkets had stopped buying it, or the manufacturers had ceased manufacturing. But it couldn't be had for love nor money. Though admittedly, I'd only tried the money route.

So, it was with great delight that over the weekend, during a trolley-dash around Tesco's after a similarly high-speed visit to Ikea, there it was: a box of two Arctic Rolls. Sadly, it came too late for me, because I'm trying very hard to lose some gut that I don't want to have, but Lovely Husband™ is tucking in and enjoying, and that's what matters.


Reluctant Nomad said...

Never had one but am tempted to go buy one. The ultimate decadent pudding in the seventies (in my opinion) was Baked Alaska. Mmmmm....some of that retro food was rather good now that I think about it but I'll skip on the shrimp and avo cocktails.

Jay said...

Ice cream, jam and sponge cake? Eeurgh. I'll give it a try but I have my reservations.

In Malaysia they sell fried ice cream - ice cream that comes in a hot, deep fried pastry casing. Less interesting than it sounds, but still fun.

By the way you can get the marshmallow in a jar in Selfridges. NM bought one once and made me sick with it, so I know.

frobisher said...

I think Artic Roll has gone the same way as frozen concentrated orange juice and Vesta's boxed curries. All just a happy memory - did you check the sell-by date on it?

Qenny said...

Baked Alaska. Yum. (Or, indeed, anything with meringue.)

Shrimp and avo cocktail - Mmmmm.

"Victor had the house pait. How was it, Vic - crunchy?"

"No, kipper"

"And I had the prawn and avocado cocktail."

"Wasn't it prawn sur le monde?"

"I don't know ... I had a few green things."

"Well, I hope they weren't prawns. You know what the North Sea's like."



I think I've had fried ice cream. I quite like trying desserts from other countries. I think I've had a Malaysian one with kidney beans in it. The description initially put me off, but I was pleasantly surprised. And thanks for the Selfridges tip. Bet I go there and discover that they don't sell it any more :-)

I thought so, too, but the ones I got were fresh off the production line. I thought they had been replaced by Walls Viennetta, but I think they could be due for a come-back.

Da Nator said...

You just motivated me to do my first change in a Wikipedia listing ever, as I had to correct the Arctic Log entry to say it is sometimes called Icebox Cake in the United States, and the ice cream may be replaced by whipped cream. My stepsister's mother used to have it at her house all the time when I was a teenager, and it was a treat I'd not had before that.

Hearing about Baked Alaska always reminds me of when I was a bus girl at a Mexican restaurant in high school and the best thing on the menu was the "fried ice cream". It was essentially a frozen, pre-coated ball of hard ice cream with a crispy, cinnamony coating on on the outside that was briefly dipped into the fryer, and then topped with your chosen syrup. Delicious!

The best of the ice cream/pastry memories I have, however, is of the Neapolitan ice cream and waffle sandwiches served on the New Jersey shore with a dusting of powdered sugar. My siblings and I always ended up staggering about the boardwalk looking like abominable snowmen, afterwards.

Oh, and in the U.S. the marshmallow stuff is called Fluff and is readily available (as are most fattening things here).

Crap - I think I just gained weight writing this.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

"Lovely Husband™ is tucking in and enjoying" Really? I mean, Really?

Wow! What a constitution he must have.

Speaking of Vienetta's - they should become extinct, too!

* barf *

Reluctant Nomad said...

North sea green prawns! Barf indeed!

As for meringues, I make the most delicious ones...they retain a bit of stickiness inside which makes them so much better than the type that are completely dry and brittle. Oh, and they go a wonderful pale cream colour which, in my opinion, is much nicer than the virginal white colour you usually see.

*taste buds tingling*

Qenny said...

da nator Love the sound of the neopolitan and waffle sandwich. A similar delicacy in Scotland (bought from the ice cream vans) is the double nougat - a couple of scoops of ice cream sandwiched between two layers of wafer bricks that are filled with marshmallow and covered in chocolate and coconut. Yum! But, o, the calories! BTW, I really want to read your most recent blog entries, but it's still crashing both IE and Firefox, on two different machines. Is it me? Have my machines all gone horribly wrong?

inexplicable device He is indeed. He's a foody. He's also very (NZ) middle class, and has fun exploring the foodstuffs of my Scottish working class heritage. I remember when Vienettas came out, they were the coolest thing (sic) since sliced bread. To our family, they just screamed "classy". In the same way that Forerro Rocher did. No, really!

reluctant nomad I'd love to challenge you to a meringue bake-off with my mother-in-law. Hers have the consistency and colour that you are describing. I assume there's some baking powder and vinegar involved? BTW, the earlier little snippet that I stuck in there about north sea prawns came from a Victor & Barry show.

Fuckkit said...

Mmmm, Braiiiiiin Freeeeeeeze.

Da Nator said...

If you want to talk overrated, Vienettas are still way better than Klondike bars. They never fail to dissapoint with their ultra-thin psuedo-chocolate coating that tastes oddly of artificial maple syrup flavouring. And they almost always have freezerburn, no matter where you get 'em.

Now I am craving one of my favourites: an Italian tartuffo (gelato around a center of nuts and cherries with a hard chocolate coating).

Oh, and Qenny - sorry, I'm still working on fixing that problem on my blog. In the meantime, if a pop-up appears asking you to use Active X, just click the X button to close the window, rather than OK - that should do it for now.

Reluctant Nomad said...

No baking powder and just a touch of vinegar.

Qenny said...

Of all the commonly baked or cooked goods, meringue is probably the most obviously an experiment in food chemistry. I love that.