Friday, April 21, 2006

When will this weekend?

I've been putting in long hours this week, because we're in the middle of testing, and as usual, we're discovering bugs and problems. This is very much par for the course, as is the fact that our timetable and deadlines were all predicated on us not finding any. How I love this industry!

The long hours are clashing with my need to rehearse for my magic exam on Monday. I did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours last night, and there are interesting parallels between the testing that I'm doing at work and the testing that I'm doing of my entrance performance piece. A number of "bugs" showed up first time I tried to walk through my set. A few more appeared yesterday. I tried for ages to resolve them, but in the end had to settle for compromising my original requirements (I'll produce a shot glass of liquid from nowhere rather than a glass of champange).

And I'm working all weekend, too. Still, I'll have the place more or less to myself, and if I can crack through it at a reasonable pace, I might have a bit more time in the evenings that I have had this week. And because I'm working the weekend, I'm taking Monday off. And that means I'll have all day to rehearse before showing up at Magic Circle HQ at 17:30 for my big moment.

Fingers crossed!

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