Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rolling Stone

I took my Lovely Husband™ to G-A-Y on Saturday, and ended up having a smashing time. He doesn't usually like big clubs, but really enjoyed it because it was a bit like a high school disco. Also, he had been playing Shayne Ward's new single all week, so there was the thrill of seeing that very visually appealing young thing performing live on stage. Little Miss Ward, to his credit, did belt out a f*cking awesome rendition of "Over The Rainbow".

At random junctures in the evening, they released one or two huge, round balloons that looked a wee bit like rover from The Prisoner.

Because we arrived there quite late on Saturday night, it meant that we were still there when Jesus rose from the dead. Like he does every year. He's very reliable like that, and I think that's a commendable trait in a Messiah.

As I took callous delight in punching a balloon away from the clutches of the short-arses around me, I thought to myself, hey, I'm like Jesus rolling the stone away from my own tomb.

Book*, as the kids are saying these days.

I'm not sure if there was an intended spiritual message in the balloon release, but the exertion involved in punching them back up towards the ceiling probably helped to balance the chocolate intake the next day, so I'm not complaining.

*Because when you type "cool" using predictive text, it comes up with "book", and the cheeky little scamps can't be bothered changing it, so they've decided to change their language to fit. Allegedly.


frobisher said...

Sounds like someone spiked your drink, aint too many people had religious experiences at Jeremy's gaff.

Qenny said...

I'm sure that one more than one occasion in the dim and distant past I heard moans of "oh, God" from the toilet cubicles. Doesn't that count?

Not that you'd get away with that these days, what with the liquid soap nazis on patrol, ensuring people are less likely to wash their hands after pishing.

Hey, you blog-rolled me. I'm touched! (But not nearly often enough.)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Book, indeed!

Well, I'm assuming it's book. I've never been to Jeremy's or heard Miss Ward's new single. Or his last one for that matter.

Perhaps I should get down there?

Qenny said...

If you enjoy dancing to the likes of Girls Aloud, it's the place to go.

I do wish they'd stop dragging out old Bucks Fizz numbers, though. I'm no longer "making my mind up". I made it up quite a long time ago - they didn't make music that's any good for a dance floor.

frobisher said...

GAY is soooo tacky but can be good fun if you don't take it seriously. Used to go on the cheap drink nights many moons ago *hic*

Qenny said...

Completely in agreement. I've never had that much fun in clubs that take themselves too seriously. It's all a bit too heavy. I'm just a big poof that wants to have a bit of a boogy.