Monday, April 03, 2006

Losing My Way In Norfolk

I seem to be making something of habit of getting lost in Norfolk. Last week, due to some dodgy directions, I spent an hour or so driving around the Norfolk countryside trying to find my hotel. It turned out to be very close to where I had started, but I didn't learn that until winding through country roads, almost ending up on the Norfolk Broads. I've met a few of them, and didn't wish to pursue the acquaintance for fear of giving the wrong impression. I was beginning to have horrid mental images involving banjoes and squealing like a pig.

Later the same week, I ended up heading out of town in completely the wrong direction, so my 20 minute journey ended up taking 80 minutes.

I'm was hoping I had made all the mistakes I was going to make, but this morning that hope was shattered. I fell foul of a combination of badly marked roading and the distraction of singing along to Bananarama. Well, someone has to. As a result, I ended heading for Ipswitch rather than Norwich, and getting back on the right road took an awfully long time!

So, hopefully I've now made all the mistakes I'm going to make.

On a completely unrelated note, the trainer from my project was visiting the site today. Let's call her Trevor. She has scary eyes. They're a bit too dark, and make you feel like if you look into them, they'll suck out your soul. We've crossed swords a few times because rather than learning how the system works so that the training can be delivered, Trevor spent a lot of time telling us how it should work. This would have been welcome if we were at a stage where we could do something about it ...

Anyway, I've said "no" to Trevor so many times, that when we speak together these days, the time it takes her to go from normal voice to shrill voice is very short indeed. I almost feel bad that I've made someone so on-edge with me. I know I can look a bit intimidating when I'm annoyed, but I didn't really expect it to have quite that impact. Clearly, just too butch for my own good.

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