Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I sometimes deliberately think very non-PC thoughts, because I find it's a good way to stimulate my brain to come up with arguments against the opinions of those I don't agree with. Also, because I don't like having opinions that I haven't fully explored, I sometimes decide to adopt a non-PC point of view on a particular subject until I convince myself - or get convinced by someone else - to change my opinion back to what it was in the first place, but with more conviction than it had previously enjoyed.

This approach does have some rather unintended consequences, like today, when there are some chaps here commissioning the water in the building where I work . It's one of the many joys of labouring in a new structure - that and the men in hard hats. Well, I think it was their hats. Anyhoo, I wasn't allowed to take a dump for three hours whilst they were doing things with spigots, or whatever they use these days. At one point, they had to turn on all the taps to allow the heavily chlorinated water to run through the pipes, as a result of which they had left the door to the disabled toilet wide open.

Wow! That place is palatial! It's about half as big as the entire cubicles + urinals + sinks of the able-bodied toilet. So that triggered a thought I shouldn't have had, and resulted in the following, for which I will probably be sent to the bad fire. Well maybe. It sounds much worse at the start than it ends up being.

Oh to be a cripple
With a well-appointed bog.
You can whizz right past all others
When you need to drop a log.

Oh to be a cripple
When you go to see a show.
Trundle right on past the hindmost aisle
And down the front you go.

Oh to be a cripple
As you rush to catch the bus
And endure the other travellers' stares
At all the extra fuss.

Oh to be a cripple
At the bottom of the stair.
Perhaps its time we worked this out.
And start - perhaps - to care.

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