Sunday, April 02, 2006

I came too this morning

I'm sorry, the title has nothing to do with the content. I just like it.

Had a day most marvellous with my lovely husband, and later with the first two letters of the alphabet. We ended up a fab Thai place that I had been introduced to by my old chum Alison Wonderland and her husband. (Her surname isn't really Wonderland, but I would change it by deed poll if I were her.)

The weather turned out to be a lot better than the gloomy predictions of the weathermen, and today we're piling ourselves and our octogenarian next door neighbour into the car and heading off to Leeds Castle, which is nowhere near Leeds, obviously. It's one of my favourites, largely because it has a really, really good hedge maze, and I love them. I might put in some funny contact lenses and wander around with a stick pretending to be a possessed Victor Krum. That should frighten the children, but will make their maze experience all the more enjoyable.

One of the best things about the maze is that once you get to the middle, you get to climb up a little tower thing and laugh at the poor lost souls wandering aimlessly below. And when you tire of that entertainment (as if anyone ever would), you get to descend beneath aforementioned tower and wander through a rather odd grotto with a water feature here and there, and several pieces of seashell sculpture (for want of a better phrase). I don't mean the "traditional" matchbox covered in seashells that you get in the average "craft fair". (The only craftiness going on is in the ability of stallowners to get The Public to pay for their crap.) I mean something a bit more exciting - big, gargoyle face things made from shells. They look a bit primitive and pagan. Like a really good bit of trade.

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