Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Democracy and Northern Ireland

[Qenny saddles up one of his many political high horses, and sets off ...]

Northern Ireland. Let me see. Despite my background, I have very little sympathy for either side of this conflict. It appears, however, that as long as they have a majority, the Unionists will insist that any change has to be decided democractically.

I couldn't agree more. But let's remember that given that we are talking about membership of Club Britain(TM), change should be decided by the people of Britain. As a whole. Let's have a referendum across the whole of the UK, and ask everyone in the country if we want to be continue being saddled with Northern Ireland and its problems. I'll bet the democratic answer would be a resounding "no thank you".

There would also have to be a referendum in Eire to see whether they are prepared to give it a go. Who knows what the result of that one would be.

In the end, Northern Ireland might end up being independent within Europe, and everyone being sort-of happy because no-one is actually happy. Which seems to be what they all want.

Sheesh, the way I sort the world out sometimes makes me think I should take up hairdressing or taxi driving.

[ ... and dismount]

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