Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chocolate Porridge

I was working late last night. Again. However, I'm not going to pretend that this isn't very much par for the course. In my industry, it's not at all uncommon to burn the midnight oil for a couple of weeks, especially when project go-live dates are looming towards us, cruel and unstoppable, like a Pitcairn Islander.

As is common in such circumstances, we broke for a while during the course of the evening to fuel ourselves on healthy, wholesome slices of pizza. Yet when I came in this morning, after making several trips during the night to fill the bowl with chocolate porridge, it was only to discover that I was the only one who had been so afflicated. I had had the same pizza as everyone else, yet no-one else had suffered.

So perhaps it was the half-cooked chicken, shiny bacon and pungent salmon and prawn cocktail that I had for lunch.

Despite the long hours in the office, I feel a bit more free now that the MC exam is out of the way. So I've been playing with a new card effect which is the brainchild of my mate Greg in NZ. One of a number of brain children, I might add, the second being at least as amazing, and one of the most memorable ways I've ever seen to hand out a business card. Both very cool effects, but for consistency with the rest of my normal act, I have to work out a way to gay them up a bit. Maybe.


The US administration moves suspected terrorists to a country that has different laws concerning the use of torture on prisoners.

A UK or US citizen moves to a country that has different laws concerning the age at which it is legal to have sex.

If the US administration and Tony Blair think its okay for them to practise "extraordinary rendition", then they haven't a leg to stand on when it comes to criticising paedophile sex tourists. And that's probably - hopefully - not a position that they really want to be in.


Fuckkit said...

So when are you gonna post a video of your act?

Or are you telling us we have to pay like the common people do?

Qenny said...

I wish I had the technology! There was a period last year when I had a regular gig in a pub. I could try and get that going again, and then invite you all along. I'm not sure you'll ever find me doing Covent Garden, or standing in one of those busking spots on the tube.

If the worst comes to the worst, once I've made it big and have my own tv series, you can tell your friends: "I read his blog back when he was still writing about poo".

Tickersoid said...

Can you do magical things with poo?

Qenny said...

I've never tried doing anothing magical with a poo, although I know for years what I did could probably be classed as shit magic :)

Reluctant Nomad said...

Thanks for popping by and linking to me....not sure what I did or said to deserve it but it's most appreciated it. Obviously, I'm going to do a bit of ferretting around your blog to see what is so magical about you. :-)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Heh Heh! Chocolate porridge! I must admit, I had to read that second para again. I was thinking "What affliction? Have I missed something?" Obviously, I had. Imbecile!

Perhaps you could magically make someone 'porridge' their pants. An old witch I know, Betty West, knows the spell for that - think I did a post about it a couple of months ago, actually...

Tickersoid said...

Good point about the terrorist moving about thingy.

Jay said...

For one brief moment, I actually wondered what chocolate porridge would taste like.

Then I realised WHAT chocolate porridge is.

Qenny said...

nomad: I followed a link from someone else's blogroll, liked what I read, and thought, "Oh yes, I'll be coming back here." Thanks for dropping by, and welcome.

idv: I think Betty may have hit me with that spell about 18 months ago. But that's a story for another day.

tickersoid: thank you; I thought so too. Had one of me moments of political insight. Hope things haven't deteriorated at home for you after your series of calamities!

jay: I'm sure it would be possible to make an actual chocolate porridge, and it would be quite nice. But perhaps not after reading this post :)