Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bits That Fit

Finally, all the bits are coming together for my Magic Circle exam performance on the 24th.

I'm used to making it up as I go along, getting cheap laughs for bum jokes, and generally being a gobby queen who sometimes does rather miraculous stuff. However, for the exam, I have been advised against using any "blue material". I don't think they were referring to my fabric swatches.

That rules out most if not all of my usual act. And given the injunction against "blue" stuff, I decided that it would be better, for the purposes of getting my foot in the door, to hide my fairy light under a bushel. So, my aim is to do a very straight-laced performance. The kind of thing that the examiners seem to like even though it's exactly why magic has suffered quite a bad name in recent decades.

There was a period during which I wondered if I still wanted to join; but after attending a meeting or two as a guest, the temptation is far too strong. It just has too much going for it to put me off the rigmarole involved in joining. If I can channel my excitement about it into actually getting off my arse and practising, then maybe I'll get in.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Hex the judges/examiners and then do what you like. Everyone's a winner : )

Well, except them, of course. Depending on what you do to them...

Fuckkit said...

You have to pass an exam? Wow, thats too cool, good luck ;)

Qenny said...

IDV: I'd love to, but there are some seriously powerful mages in this crowd. They'd have me under a binding spell (which has nothing to do with the lovely Lee at Glitter For Brains) before I raised a finger.

Fukkit: Yup, sure do, although the guy who is in charge of admissions has been trying for a long time to rebrand it as "audition" rather than "examination", since what you have to do is perform. Shame, really. If it were a traditional exam, I'd probably pass with flying colours. Most magic clubs don't have such onerous entry criteria. You express an interest, convince them that your interest is genuine, get a couple of sponsors to back you up, and you're in. The Magic Circle used to have an associate membership thing, but they cut that back, probably on the back of a lot of folk who developed a short-term interest after seeing David Blaine.

Needless to say, if I get in, I'll crow about it right here. And thank you for the good will :-)

frobisher said...

Good luck! I have a "secret" magic circle ;)

Could you please make Piggy and Tazzy disappear?