Friday, March 31, 2006

We Are Not Fooled!

On my way from the hotel to the office this morning, I was listening to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. There was a piece about US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice visting the constituency of UK Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw.

Apparently, Straw was keen to show Rice the same hospitality that she had shown him on his visit to Oklahoma. Problem is, his US trip would be akin to Oswald Mosley visiting Germany. Straw could reasonably expect a warm reception in the US. Condoleeza Rice visiting here is a completely different kettle of ballgames. She shares part of the blame for decisions with which many of the British public disagree. Why on earth would she expect to be greeted warmly?

What dismayed me is that rather than spend any time assessing or discussing the strength of feeling amongst the people on whom her presence will be foisted, Radio 4 wheeled in a couple of buffoons to talk about local sites that must not be missed. The half-hearted effort by the presenter to bring up the subject of protest against the visit was quickly sidelined by a dull trivium on the subject of regional location and nomenclature.

It seems the criminals who manufactured the war in Iraq think they can rehabilitate themselves by playing a long game; that one day in the future, we will find ourselves thinking of them once more as decent human beings, rather than the nasty, self-serving, short-sighted, hypocritical filth that they are. We are not fooled, and I hope we will not be. This situation is not comparable to Charles convincing us that Camilla's alright even if she is a bit of an old horse. (Although I still wonder about his sanity - fancying Camilla over Diana, I mean, really!)

Incidentally, I used the word criminals because the war in Iraq was in breach of international law, breaking law is a crime, and people who commit crime are criminals. Personally, I'd love to see George Bush put on trial for war crimes. Mind you, I'd also love to see Margaret Thatcher stand trial for the Belgrano affair.

So let us not roll over and let the vile, self-serving architects of the war PR themselves back into our good books. Let us never forget the many lives lost on both sides to serve the avarice of a few, to promote the agenda of big business, and to make the world a considerably more dangerous place.

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