Friday, February 03, 2006

Burns Recovery

It seems that everyone enjoyed our Burns Supper last week. Personally, I was amazed that so many people stayed so late. I'm sure I didn't get to bed until 04:30, and there were one or two who were waiting for taxis even later than that. Still, I'm sure they wouldn't have been there at that time unless they were having a damn fine evening.

This week has dragged a bit, largely because since the excesses of Burns Night, I don't think I've properly caught up on my sleep, and as a result, have been suffering a nasty, and rather dribbly cold for a couple of days. I think it's finally shifting, so I can use some time over the weekend to catch up on things I meant to get done during the week.

I've put off my entry exam for The Magic Circle because it was becoming increasingly apparent that the item I was intending to use as my opener cannot readily be had for love nor money. Admittedly, I've only tried the money route. Anyhoo, I phoned the chap who organises the exams and asked if I could delay, so now I have until the 24th of April.

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